Hallo 2015

This little Pickle worked the last three days in 2014, had nearly no internet for the last four, and slept in the New Year. Pickle parties hard XD

Anywho, yes, I babysat for three days in a row and yesterday my kids would not let me stay inside the house for more than twenty minutes. Even in the morning when it was FREEZING OUTSIDE(srsly people my car was frozen solid and I got there late because of it) they wanted to play outside. So we went out for as long as possible and then went inside to thaw, then they’d drag me outside again until our hands froze and we’d trudge back inside. Lather, rinse, repeat about five or six times until it got warmer outside. Then the outside time lengthened and the inside time shortened. We ran and threw a football and played hide and go seek tag and they WORE. ME. OUT. My legs hurt so bad from running XD

Yesterday(Dec 31) I also bought five magazines and a book from my library for a dollar. Total. Six things for a //dollar//. Yes, I am very proud of myself. The magazines are Writer’s Digest and the book is The Mammoth Book of Arthurian Legends. It seriously, for actually says Mammoth Book, too. Look.


It’s also been over a year since I finished Dementophobia. On December 29th, 2013, while sitting in the Las Vegas airport, I finished the book that has been in my heart for at least four years. Hopefully this year I will embark on a similar journey to rewrite it into the book that it needs to be.

Anyway, I have some New Year’s goals and even though I’m writing this particular paragraph on January 1st, I probably won’t finish this post until tomorrow. ANYWAY(I just said that) my 2015 theme is

50 things

50. 50 blog posts, 50 crafts, 50 books read, 50. That’s my goal for this year. To DO it. Whatever it is. Whatever I’ve ‘always wanted to do’ or ‘maybe I’ll do that sometime’ or ‘I’d like to make that’. This year I aim to DO IT.

This stemmed from the realization that I really need to have more self control and diligence in my life and not procrastinate and put things off. I need to take responsibility and control of my life if I want to do anything. Anything I want, anything I want to be, I need to achieve it. It’s up to me.

I aim to be a more diligent blogger, writer, and crafter. I plan to make a schedule for my days and have each day of the week set aside for a certain thing.

It feels good to have a ‘fresh start’ even though I sort of hate that term. I’m not starting over or anything. I’m just taking everything in my own hands and DOING something with it. I can’t quite find the right words for it, but I think you get the idea. I hope you’ll help me by holding me to my goals and keeping me on track ^^

My mom also just signed up for school for herself so…. go 2015.



6 thoughts on “Hallo 2015

  1. OH OH CONGRATS ON FINISHING Dementophobia!!!! THAT IS AMAZING. AND HUZZAH! Also happy new year. And 50 things is an awesome idea! An amazingly awesome idea…and yuuus, I’m going to answer your email but THAT IS A GOOD IDEA AND WE HAVE TO COORDINATE SOME CRAFTS TOGETHER, YUS?!

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