Biblical Submission

It bothers me when women make up excuses for submitting. Two excuses I’ve heard are that the church and men put too much of an emphasis on women submitting to the point that it’s abuse, etc. Another is that Paul hated women and viewed them as lower than men, he didn’t have equality, etc.

Truth is people, it’s in the Bible. No matter what you think Paul meant, or what ‘some’ churches, or ‘some’ people do, it’s in the Bible and that means it’s God’s law.

Women, it’s our part of the curse too. God said that the man would have rule over the woman. This is a sin cursed world and we are sinners saved by grace(if you’re accepted Jesus sacrifice for you on the cross).

So if you are making excuses for not submitting the way God tells us to, you are sinning against Him and against every man that is in authority over you.

Yes, I understand that some people take submission to a level that it was never intended to be taken, but someone else’s sin should not be a reason for you to disobey God.

And by not obeying His laws to submit to the men in your life, you are not submitting to Him either, the Ultimate Authority. If you do not learn to submit to Him and obey Him, I believe you will not grow or move forward in your Christian life until you do. God teaches us things one step at a time and if you try to skip a step, you’ll trip and roll down the staircase, losing more ground than you gained.

I don’t mean for this to be a rant or a message or a to-do list of how to be submissive. I just want to say that if it’s written in God’s Word, then that’s the only reason we need. God doesn’t have to explain Himself, and He for sure won’t make an excuse for you.

God wrote it, whether by Paul’s hand or Moses’ hand or whoever’s hand. The person who penned it doesn’t matter. The Person who ordained it does.


4 thoughts on “Biblical Submission

      1. I understand that. And I believe God will protect and take of a woman in that situation if she trusts and obeys Him. But God still says for us to submit to our fathers and husbands. Not every situation is perfect, but God still gave the principle that we should submit.

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