Christmas-y tag

So Cait tagged me for this tag and I might have flailed and squealed and been really really happy.

guys //Cait// tagged me in a tag. Srsly for like the last three weeks every time she does a tag I (secretly) scan her tag list for my name. AND THIS TIME I WAS THERE. (if you don’t follow her blog then you won’t understand what this means to me XD And Cait probably won’t either because SHE DOESN’T KNOW HOW AWESOME SHE IS. I feel like I just took a major step-up in blogger-hood.)

With all that spazzing out of the way, we shall proceed with the tag.

All about Christmas and food and celebrations and stuffins. First, le image.

(and only now I realize that’s Cait’s own image she made for this tag and not the official one. NOT MY FAULT Cait likes to break the rules and so did not post the ACTUAL image intended for this tag so I have NO CHOICE but to borrow hers.)

Le Rules(a few of which I may break myself. We can be little rebels together, Cait):

– Post the picture on your blog.
– Answer the questions.
– Tag up to 12 bloggers.
– Make up 10 questions for the other bloggers.

Le questions(which are the ones Cait threw at me and the ones she answered because this little piggy likes questions):

What is your favourite Christmas treat?

Well, for starters, I can have AS MUCH EGGNOG AS I WANT THIS YEAR because this little piggy’s milk allergy isn’t as severe as it’s been since I was six and we discovered I was allergic to milk. Always before I could only sneak a little sip and not be able to have a whole cup. Well, guess who is on her second half gallon of eggnog as we speak.

I also love pecan pie–but even more than eating it I love to make it. People, this blogger loves to cook and loves to feed people and when this blogger was asked at church if she could spare one slice of her pecan pie for a nice older lady at church who requested it, THIS LITTLE BLOGGER WAS HAPPY. The kitchen is my kingdom and I am its queen with my crown of flour and scepter spoon in my hand.

Are there any special traditions that your family has to celebrate Christmas?

Fruitcake. No body laugh or this cook gets angry. Our family’s no-bake fruitcake recipe it going on it’s fourth generation(me) and it will forever be passed down to my daughters and granddaughters if I have any say about it(which I do).

Other than that I can’t think of anything we hold rigidly to tradition.

How do you normally celebrate Christmas?

Fooooooood. A tree. And lights. Presents. The norm. XD

We don’t really have any schedule we follow every year or midnight Eve games//stories etc we do or anything. Last year we didn’t even have any specific Christmas meal(or maybe we did. I can’t remember). This year will be a little bigger because we have a BIGGER TREE AND I LUFF IT and more presents and my Gramma’s coming to visit for a few days and we’re cooking a turkey and stuffs.

Do you enjoy getting presents for your friends and family? Do you buy your gifts or go the homemade route?

I love giving people things year-round, not just during Christmas. I’m actually better at finding and getting people gifts for ‘no reason’ than specifically for Christmas. Though if I do manage to stick some presents under the tree for people, I love seeing them open them.

As for buying vs. homemade: one present I am giving a friend was homemade but I didn’t decide I would give it to her until she expressed interest in the finished product. Another I had to buy because it’s a leetle hard for me to make my own peppermint oil. So it all depends.

Is it cold where you live? Have you ever had a white Christmas?

It will be cold-ish here for Christmas though probably not white. I believe I might have had a ‘dusty Christmas’ before because in California it’s more lightly to dust than actually snow.

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

Gift cards or craft supplies. I would say money but if I get that I’ll just squirrel it away and I need some crafting supplies so if I get gift cards, I have to use them at that store.

And the usual, books and such. Whenever people ask me what I want for Christmas my mind goes blank. Though I DID tell my stepdad that I wanted a bigger tree this year(our other one is like two feet tall and pre-decorated. Does. Not. Count.) So I asked for a Christmas tree for Christmas XD Needless to say I got that one early.

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

O Holy Night by far. Mama and I were talking about this song earlier and it’s amazing and so powerful when done right. I love Carol of the Bells too. I JUST LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC.

What is your favourite Christmas memory?

All my Christmas memories squish together into a general happy remembrance feeling and makes me look forward to the holiday during the rest of the year. So I like ALL the memories because they help make the Christmas feel to me.

(now for Cait’s questions that she threw at me)

What does your Christmas Tree look like?



What are you reading in December? (Anything festive?)

Not anything specifically Christmas-y. I showed y’all what I got from the library on Tuesday and I’m almost done with Splintered.

Are you an organised little elf or are you still shopping/preparing on Christmas Eve?

Neither. First I REFUSE to go shopping the week of Christmas unless I absolutely have to, and Christmas Eve is a no-no unless it’s an emergency. And as I said before, I don’t usually try uber hard to get presents for everyone I know, so I don’t //need// to be that organized either XD

How early do you start to get into the Christmas spirit?

Halloween is a horrible teaser because it’s getting close to the holiday season BUT IT’S STILL SO FAR AWAY. Especially since Halloween starts at the beginning of October now.

But November has a very definite fall//holiday//chilly feel to it that it’s like a herald of the approaching holidays.

Do you make any Christmas crafts? Decorations? Send physical Christmas cards?

Mama sends out physical Christmas cards and I sign my name on them XD When I have my own home I’ll definitely send out my own. I don’t usually make my own crafts or decorations but earlier today at Walmart we were looking at tree ornaments and I was fantasizing about how to make ornaments out of wire. So maybe I will sometime soon.

What’s the menu for Christmas Day?!

Turkey and dressing and gravy and brussel sprouts and coleslaw and… something else I can’t remember.

What makes it FEEL like Christmas for you? (Weather, specific tradition, food, smell, person, etc.?)

Music and decorations. I have to SEE and HEAR Christmas with as many senses as possible. If the Christmas colors aren’t splattered all over the house and we don’t have a tree and wrapped presents and a Christmas CD playing a couple times I feel like I missed out on the whole thing.

Do you have relatives coming? Excited? Nervous?

Yes and both for numerous reasons.

What famous Christmas character do you most identify with? (Scrooge, Elf, Tiny Tim, the Grinch, Santa, etc.)

None? Since I don’t know enough about any of them to be able to compare myself with them? XD This homeschooler doesn’t watch movies or TV very often, people XD

If you were to start a new Christmas tradition, what would it be?

Maybe more Christmas treats laying around the house. Cooking more. Splattering MORE decorations everywhere. Idk.


I tag:







Y’all can chose whichever questions you want from the list that I did.

Love you, peepins. Now this blogger needs to skip off and write before all the plot bunnies in my brain decide to leave and terrorize someone else.

6 thoughts on “Christmas-y tag

  1. EEP. I second above commenter….YOU TOTALLY ARE ADORABLE AND JSAFDLA I DIDN’T REALISE YOU WANTED TO BE TAGGED! Watch out. I will now tag you a LOT. XD I’m always terrified tagging people because a lot of people vehemently hate tags and I don’t like making people angry. (Annoy them? Yes, I will do that. Anger? Noooo. I TRY TO BE NICE.)
    I want to try your fruitcake.
    Eggnog is delicious! I’ve like had it once…erm, yes, just once. It’s not really an Australian thing and most of my family aren’t supposed to have diary. *sigh* So we have it very very occasionally. But when we made eggnog that time loooong ago, we put the leftovers into iceblocks and froze them and then licked them up as ice creams later. CHILDHOOD MAGIC, I TELL YOU.
    I hope you make a wise decision with your Splintered ship. *eyes you shiftily*


      oh man… we’ve mailed our fruitcake to relatives before but I don’t know if it would handle being shipped all the way to you. BUT I WILL ASK MY MOM.

      was that… was that a threat, Cait.

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