Adventures of a Tuesday Morning

This morning I went to the sewing meeting at a little craft store in a little town called Wendell that’s not far from our house. There I sat and sewed with about half a dozen older ladies. I also finished the doll quilt I’ve been working on for too many years.


Then I went to the library with the intent of getting one book.


This is what happened.


Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick

Splintered by A. G. Howard

A Confusion of Princes by Garth Nix

And yes, Cait, I got Splintered even though I’m not sure I’ll like it, but I figured I’d wing it.

The other two I don’t know anything about except that they looked pretty interesting and didn’t seem uber bad and wrong and no, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s inside them.

(Also, Cait, the author of A Confusion of Princes is from Australia.)

Yesterday I found a bird’s nest in one of our bushes but I’m not going to take a picture for you because it’s raining outside.

What happened on YOUR Tuesday morning?


4 thoughts on “Adventures of a Tuesday Morning

  1. DOLL QUILT *dies*
    And my choir sang at nursing homes and ate at Subway and someone in the choir’s boyfriend had a stroke and whatnot.

  2. *grins wildly because feels like post is talking straight to me because OF REASONS*

    ERMAGERD!!!! I LOVE SPLINTERED AND MORPHEUS. (I’ll reply to your email too. Ugh and gawsh, but I have excuses. I was cooking delicious christmas food.) Morpheus is a manipulative slinky dork but I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ANYWAY. *coughs* I’m questionable sometimes. He’s funny. I’m a sucker for funny. OH I HAVE BLACK ICE! I won a signed copy like the second signed book of EVER that i’ve won squeeeeeee!!! But I’m not really sure if it’s good, so let me know, right?!!

    Whoever goes into the library and brings back one book? Like, what? It’s impossible. *glances guiltily at stack of 7 just borrowed yesterday*

    1. I figured you were busy so it’s okay, I understand XD

      and YUUUS of course I was talking to you XD because of reasons.

      COOL, I hadn’t ever heard of Black Ice until I read the back of it a couple weeks ago at the library. I’ll for defs tell you how it is.

      And Morpheus.

      that is all that ever needs to be said.


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