And this little piggy got a haircut

And this little piggy also made ear cuffs.

But that’s a spoiler because the haircut came first. I took a lot a million pictures before and after so herez. (These were taken on my phone so I’m sorry for the grainy quality.)

Before(in the order I took them):

20141209_100242 (that’s my scrunchy face I like to make XD)

20141209_100250 So lots of hair. Such many. Wow.

20141209_100259 such long hairsness.

20141209_100309 I like dis picture of my face. Except so serious o_o


20141209_100351 I had one random layer from twisted my hair and ripping it out, that I had been letting grow out and it was about to my shoulders.

20141209_100353 Hi, there, layer.




20141209_105747 Hair were still wet but you can see the cutted layers.

20141209_105757 MY HAIRS AM GONE

20141209_133218 Wavy curly ponytail thing. And yes I was at Walmart.

20141209_133223 Walmart’s very nice ceiling. But srsly look at those wavy hairs. MY HAIR WAS CURLING ALL ON IT’S OWN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.

20141209_173036 At home, taking pics to show the Pack my cute curly layers.

20141209_173052 I love this picture.

20141209_173100 Look at those highlights. LOOK AT DEM.

OKAY SO ear cuffs now. I made four just last night after we got home.

20141209_173905 The lighting’s not so great cuz I was sitting at my desk. But this was the first one I made. Just a basic, easy one.

20141209_190302 (such grainy I’m sorry) I made a pair of these blue swirly ones.


20141209_201321 And I made a loopy curvy one.

They’re so fuuuuuuun to make and I can’t wait to make mores. Of all crafts I never really had an interest in jewelry making but I saw this on this website: and now I want to make them all. Tanzy is the blame for all this because she made a pair and showed them to the Pack and I loved them so bad I wanted to make them myself. But I’m glad she did XD



10 thoughts on “And this little piggy got a haircut

  1. DA HAAAAIR!!! I. am. in. LOVE. IT’S SO PRETTY. AND THOSE CUUURLS. I’ve always wanted curly hair. Aaaahhhhh!!! It’s so gorgeous and adorbz. Serious love. <3

    Ooooh, those ear cuffs are epic sauce. How fun!!

  2. OOH YAY HAIRCUT!! I got my hair cut this time last year. XD (Well, I mean, I’ve had it cut all year, buuuut, I mean MASSIVELY cut.) I had it past my hips and now it’s above my ears. I lovelovelove it so short. x) I’m so lazy and long hair is way too much work heh.
    OMG YOUR EARCUFFS ARE CUTE. I like the curly loopy one!

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