‘Bout the Blogger tag

In huge celebrationyness for her new blog, Cait made a blogger tag and commanded her minions to partake in it. She’s really not a bad world-ruler-in-training and since I’m trying to be a good little minion, I accepted.

(and I love blog tags and questions and I get more entries in her giveaway contest. People the prize is ANY. YA. BOOK. off Book Depository, up to $11. And it’s international. I have been dying to be a part of one of Cait’s giveaways for ages but usually I can’t because we live in different countries. But her awesomeness is such that this one is INT. This minion is happeh.)

So. About the tag. Der be questions, I give answers, I get cake. (right Cait?)




1. Why did you start blogging?

Mirriam gets complete and total blame for this(in a good way). And Rana gets most of the blame for me discovering Mirriam’s blog. Rana introduced me to Mirriam’s blog a LONGO time ago and I read a post about what girls like about fictional guys… and then I lost the link. I looked all over the place and searched for it but it was lost, precious.

And then two Christmases ago, Rana sent me the link to another post from Mirriam’s blog, without realizing that I had been looking for it. (I THINK. My memory is a bit hazy on the exact happenings of Rana giving me the link to Mirriam’s blog. But I’m pretty sure she did.) And I screamed in caps that precious was found again.

Commence me stalking Mirriam’s blog obsessively for weeks. (and discovering Acceso. First draft. When it was only four chapters old. Oh my word that little bby.) And then commence me getting depressed because she was such a great author and I wasn’t. (worst two weeks of my life. Listen to your elder, people, don’t get depressed over stupid things. Or over anything if you can help it.) And THEN commence be slapping myself out of it and saying that if I wanted to a writer like Mirriam *I* had to do something about it. No one else could fulfill my dream for me.

So commence me making a blog and shamelessly plagiarizing Mirriam’s. (my blog was so similar to hers… I’m ashamed of it NOW but I wasn’t then XD) So come this January Godsdaughter will turn two years old. Yay!
2. What’s the story behind your blog’s name?

For a long time I’ve said that since I’m a child of God, and God is the King of Kings, that makes me a princess. I had a kinda hard time settling on this name but that’s where it came from. (and that annoying typo in my URL address. Seriously people, there is a blog out there that is ‘godsdaughter4ever.wordpress.com’ and the only difference is that H. If I had typed it correctly into the URL box it would have said someone already took that name and I would have had to come up with another name. Or another spelling. But anyway. I am Godsdaughter with no H.)
3. How many designs have you been through since you started blogging? (Pictures! We demand pictures!)

One… and a half? I’ve kept the same design//template because I hate change and I love my little blog and it’s easy to manage and it’s exactly the way I wanted. After I got bored with the boring default background I found the waterfall picture and uploaded it, then took a screenshot of my blog. Cropped the header out. Went to the Paint program. Stole butterfly pictures off of Google and stuck them there. Then I uploaded it to the header as an image and got rid of the actual font header.

I blog so good I know. I deserve more cake.
4. Have you ever switched blog platforms? What made you move? If you haven’t ever changed…why?

Nope. I’ve never tried any other platforms and I like WordPress and also this minion hates change. In myself, in my surroundings(depending the circumstances) and in other blogs. (Mirri and Cait… I still love you but yeah I sort of don’t like it when you change your blogs XD) Seriously it took me MONTHS to accept glasses when I had to start wearing them. I’m going to get my hair cut next week and I’m starting to worry if I’ll hate it simply because it’s a change. I’m not exactly sure why I hate change so much but I do. Anyway.
5. How long does it take you to write a post? What’s your postly process like?

Not too long…? I just sit down and write it until it’s finished and then I make sure there aren’t any typos(or I TRY to make sure there are no typos) and then I publish it. And my process is… think of idea. If it’s interesting enough and I have the time and the self control to make myself write it, I write it, and then I go another 87 weeks without making another post. (okay I know I’m not that bad but I aaaaaaamm.)
6. Have you ever been super nervous about a post? Why?! What was it?

The only post that I remember having any sort of slight apprehension about was last October I wrote a post about dos and don’ts of helping a family in need or a family going through a hard time//passing of a family member. I got about two replies from people who disagreed with me but I had just lived through that experience with my best friend and I saw so much that stressed them out and I wanted to try to help people realize that sometimes the way YOU think they need help is miles off from how they actually need help.

There might have been another post sometime in the last two years but I don’t remember any other time being nervous about posting something.
7. Do you have a blogging schedule?

ha. ha. ha.

yeah no.
8. Do you tell people In-Real-Life about your blog? Their reactions?

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it in a few conversations but I don’t talk about it all the time. I’m not afraid to mention it though if the topic comes up. (which, I mean, how often does the subject of personal blogging come up in conversation. Yeah, that’s what I thought.)
9. Top ten blogs you read/comment on the most! Go! Go!

You assume that there are even ten blogs total that I am subscribed to. That I even READ much less are ‘top ten’. So. We’ll just go with however many I remember, in order of how often I visit them.

1) Cait at Paper Fury. This one above all others. Seriously, Cait, I read your blog above ALL OTHER BLOGS. (your world domination is working). Anyway. Yeah a while ago when I had subscribed to half a million blogs and never got around to reading any of them(except for Mirriam’s) I checked on the Notebook Sister’s blog and realized I had missed a ton of awesome stuff. (They were going some giveaways that I had missed. That was also back when they had the black template. That was such a cute little blog.) Anyway. Yus. After that I never missed a Notebook Sisters post unless I was out of town or away from my email. (guys she posts every day except for Thursday too. And it’s worth it. Every post is full of awesome. I don’t know where she gets all of it.)

Also, Cait, you can blame Mirriam for me finding your blog. I saw when she liked your Facebook page for Notebook Sister and I LITERALLY THOUGHT “If Mirriam likes it then I know it’ll be good.” XD

2) Definitely Mirriam at Wishful Thinking. There are only a few blogs that I read every. single. post. that is posted and Mirriam’s is second just because of how often she posts. I never miss a Mirri post.

3) Good grief, I’m at my third one and I’m having to think really hard. I’m gonna go with my best friend Vandi at The Other Half of The Story. She doesn’t post very often but once again, I read everything she posts and it’s always beautiful(guys her poetry. Seriously. Go read it.).

4) Imma say Rachel at the Inkpen Authoress. I don’t read all her stuff but for a while I was trying to do her month story snippet thing… good grief what was that even called. Man, I feel bad. I can’t remember things. CHATTERBOX. Yes, that’s what it’s called. Every month she gives a word or an idea or something and you have to write a leetle story about it, or whatever. Those are always fun. (says the girl who hasn’t done one since Mayish.)

5) Okay, Imma just list six other blogs I am subscribed to, NEVER MIND whether I actually read or comment on them on a regular basis(read: at all. *cringes under shock blanket). Gillian at Of Battles, Dragons, and Swords of Adamant. She’s a cool author person. All of these blogs will have the common denominator of writing, authoring, books, and possibly drawing.

6) and we have Jack at However Improbable. I won one of her books from a giveaway and I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel.

7) Verbosity Book Reviews. I wish I read this blog more often but they have a WONDERFUL list of books they’ve reviewed. If you’re ever in need of a new book to read, go check out their blog.

8) Katherine Sophia, girl of many names, and her beautiful blog Seek Him First. Katherine(or Tanzy, as I know her) is a part of the writing group I’m in and she is a wonderful girl.

9) Elizabeth K. at Chasing Woven Glass Through the Storm. When I first found her blog I read everything she posted and I love her thoughts and she writes so… poetically and… mystically and dream-like. Anyway. Yes, her blog is awesome.

10) HOW COULD I FORGET. My own Melody Muffin and her Splendor Falls on Castle Walls. Lody is part of our writing group as well and I love her.

YAY I made it to ten! Wow, I didn’t think I would XD
10. If you could change/improve things about your blog, what would they be?

I would post more often and do vlogs. Reading and commenting on other peoples’ blog isn’t really MY blog but I want to get better at interacting with other people in the blogger world. I just wish I was a better blogger and I do try so hard sometimes and then I forget again. I love blogging so bad, I really do, but I just need to make it a bigger priority. I seriously look up to bloggers like Cait to whom it’s a lifestyle, not just a hobby.


10 thoughts on “‘Bout the Blogger tag

  1. what a fun tag! I especially like your answer to number 7… XD and finding Mirri’s blog is so funny – that’s exactly what I did ages ago. And she moved to wordpress and I lost her and it was sad. Finally I found her again and actually got to know her so now I hopefully won’t lose her anymore. XD
    O.o and I was mentioned!! :D *feels very honored*

  2. *dies of happiness*
    I also need to thank Mirriam then. Oh she totally rocks. She’s sickeningly talented. Seriously Mirriam. Unghhh it’s horrible how wonderful she is.
    *rubs hands together in world domination glee* Eeeeep my plans are all WORKING MWHA HA HA AHA
    *chokes on evil laugh*
    *falls on face*
    I didn’t really think about that though, till you just said it. Oh gosh. Blogging totally is my life and not a hobby. #obsessedjustalittle
    Anyways, I have to go tweet this post cause I like it.





      and yes Mirriam. Just yes XD

  3. Lol that’s funny about your URL. I have had this problem before where I had to change something slightly because someone else stole the name I wanted lol. I also hate change. I just got my hair cut four inches shorter than it was and I’m still getting used to it. ^ ^’ I read Of Battles, Dragons, and Swords of Adamant too–and of course Cait’s blog. That’s how I found you lol.

    Stori Tori’s Blog

    1. Awesome! Cait’s blog seems to be like a central hub for so many bloggers. Well, what do you expect, she has over A THOUSAND FOLLOWERS.

      Aww, I’m sure your hair looks great, and you’ll get used to it. I got used to mine pretty quick and I like it.

      Thanks for commenting!

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