A Pickle Post

Sunday I was sick with the flu. Yesterday began the week long Word War hosted by Go Teen Writers. Last Friday I returned from visiting a friend in the mountains. Hopefully I will have two jobs at the end of this week.

I had a bunch of glorious randomness planned for this post and I’ve forgotten half of it. That’s what I get for not writing this yesterday like I planned. My brain is also trudging aalong a few steps behind me so that doesn’t help either.

Yesterday I wrote 1037 words which sent me into a crazy happy writerly mood. I usually get into that cloud nine feeling when I write a good amount, reach my word goal, or write after not having written in a while. And since 1037 words is a good amount and my goal for yesterday was 1000 words and I hadn’t written any decent amount since last Monday, I do believe that adds up to Cloud Twenty Seven. I can’t math though, so don’t take my word for it.

Lauri-ness tagged me in a blog tag over a month ago and the tab is PINNED IN MY BROWSER to remind me but either I’m really lazy or really busy or both. I’m going to opt for both. Also, I have Cait’s July version of Beautiful People pinned in my browser but I have a slightly better excuse for not having done that already.

I don’t know which character to interrogate–I mean, throw those questions at. I almost did Simon again just because I had done him last month but the point is to do different characters, I think. Maybe I’ll do Elias. I really need to get inside his head and look around. Anyway, I think at the end of each BP post I’ll have a poll with a couple different characters to choose from and have YOU make the choice for me. That way I have an answer by the time the next month of BP comes and I don’t have to make the decision.

Seriously, I am horrible at making decisions. I’m not necessarily afraid of making the wrong decision, I just have trouble making up my mind. Never go shopping with me. It will take too long XD

My Vandimous suggested I do an Introverts Part 2 post when I told her about a couple things I had forgotten to mention in the first post, so as soon as I can remember all the things I forgot long enough to write them into a blog post, you’ll have a Part 2. Part 1 was more popular than I expected. I’m still getting used to having multiple comments on each post I make. I guess that’s what comes of having over one hundred followers.

Yes, you read that right. Godsdaughter4ever has over one hundred followers. Scroll up a little and look on the right side. It should tell you how many followers I have. As I write this post, I have 102. And I love every one of you. You have no idea what sort of happy dorky grin I get whenever I get the notification that I have a new follower.

I’m know I’m a writer and writers write and people read what writers write but I guess I’m constantly amazing that you read what I write. I write because I want to and because I love to and having readers is just a beautiful, wonderful side affect, but I’m still surprised sometimes. I don’t struggle with worthlessness or worthiness, but I think I have a slight misconception of worthfulness. Does that make sense? Like, whenever people say that they talk about me to other people, it shocks me. I know I’m nice and I know people like me and I’m likable but I realized a couple weeks ago that I still don’t see myself as something or someone worth telling other people about. Worth talking about. Worth dwelling on or even thinking about to a large extent.

The last several months I’ve been focusing on being truthful, especially to myself and especially in the area of not talking about people and not exaggerating. I believe my next focus will be to realize and accept the fact that I am a person that people like, that people tell other people about, that people remember. And I’ll keep that in mind when I meet knew people and interact with people I know because I need to remember that I’m constantly making an impression. Even to someone I know, or someone who knows me, I can either drive the same impression deeper, or change the shape of that impression. I really hope this doesn’t sound selfish or bigoted or prideful. I don’t say a lot of things and I keep a lot of things inside for fear that I will give that impression. (See? More impressions.)

Basically, I’m doing alright. I’m writing, I’m busy, my brain is one step behind me but running faster than I can keep up. I have no idea what my health or my body thinks it’s doing. Sometimes I wonder if it even knows what it’s doing. But I’m doing well and I hope you are too and I hope that somehow this post was a blessing to you or amused you or brightened your day or all of the above. I pray every day that God will use me and this blog for His glory and to bless and encourage my followers and readers.

I bid you good day.

*tips hat*


3 thoughts on “A Pickle Post

  1. CONGRATS ON 100 FOLLOWERS! *throws cake and confetti and other messy things at you* I actually have sticky notes everywhere with ideas for posts. I honestly think them up and forget them straight away if I don’t write them down. >-< My bad. And yay for writing 1K too! That's awesome. I loooove that "writers high" when you've written a good amount and you're like happy with it. THAT feeling rocks.

  2. Your post was a blessing to me. I especially like the juxtaposition of worthlessness, worthiness, and worthfulness. That was clever and a great way to make your point. You are a good writer and you’re destined for greatness. I’m very proud of you and of the woman you have become, (even though you’ll always be my baby girl). :) I love you sweetheart.

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