Life and travels and busyness

So I’m traveling again. This Saturday to be exact. At 6:00 AM Eastern time to be exacter. I’m going to California for two week to visit family and go to Youth Conference. I am not planning to blog during that time because I will be really busy, so if there are any blog posts during that time, they will probably be scheduled ahead of time. (Possibly, because that means I have three days to think up, write, and schedule posts, so don’t count on it.)

Life is really crazy busy right now. It’s almost too busy, but not quite. After this trip I have two other places I plan to travel to this summer and sometime in the middle of all this we’re going to be moving. We’re not moving trans-state(I never want to do that again), we’re just moving out to the country so we can have some quiet and some property and some chickens and stuffs.

I finished High School on Memorial Day and this past Sunday was Graduation Sunday; our church recognized the graduating peoples(just me and two other girls) so I like to think that I officially ‘graduated’ on June 8, 2014. Even though I don’t have a huge amount of time now, I still feel like I have more time than before because I have one less responsibility. I plan to work more on my writing and, because I can’t exactly make a living on that, I’m also going to start my own business.

(I feel like I said that on here a long time ago but I can’t remember for sure o.o)

The only reason I’m actually officially getting a business and a license is because I can’t be a nanny without one. North Carolina says I can’t babysit more than three children who are related to each other more than five hours in one day(or something like that). But that’s okay. If I have a license and look official and stuffs it will probably be easier to find clients.

I am also not going to college. Nothing I plan to do involves needing a college degree and I think wasting four years of my life and stacking up a mountain of debt before I’m twenty-five is a really stupid idea, so I’m not going to do it. And, above all, God told me He didn’t want me to go to college, so that’s that.

Thank you everyone who is following my blog, whether by email or manually. Every time I see another follow I get so excited. You followed *MY* blog??? You mean you enjoy reading my dorky random irregular posts??? I FEEL SPESHUL. So thank you, all of you. Once I reach 100 followers I really don’t know what I will do with myself.

Also, I do realize I have not done Name Book or Nonsense Book Snippets this month or last month. I think I will put those on hiatus for now because of this busy summer and because I really do feel terrible when I forget to do them. So, as of now, they are officially, for real on pause. Feel free to remind me to start them up again around September or October.


6 thoughts on “Life and travels and busyness

  1. Have fun on your trip! And congratulations on graduating! That’s awesome!!! :D It’s such a satisfying feeling.

    That whole paragraph you said about college just YESH. That is EXACTLY how I feel. God also clearly told me He didn’t want me to go and I have no use for it with what I want to do with my life. It would just be a waste of four years of my life. Most people don’t seem to understand that though, so it’s so refreshing to find someone like minded.

    Also, I WILL respond to our email! Like I said…it takes me eons. I just haven’t found time to do much of that lately unfortunately.

      1. Indeedy I have. ^_^ I graduated back in 2010. I’m an oldie that still likes to pretend she’s 10 because 10 was awesome. Unfortunately I didn’t find Neverland before I got old so now I just have to pretend. It’s a tragedy.


    And for you, I totally understand about college. There’s two or three I need to look at in a couple years after my mission and it’s all so CONFUSING. :P

    And — and is there a Phoenix layover…? I don’t think we have the money to get down there, but still…?

    And children. Always the children. Good luck. ;D

      1. It’s no problem. I don’t think we could drive down, anyway. :( So don’t worry about it! ;D

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