Actual Drawing and Writing stuffs

Here be pictures of my writings and drawings.


This was so fun. First, I hand wrote about six pages writing only one line per line. That was in the truck, ON TEXAS ROADS. I’m surprised I could even read it. But later on, I was at the hotel and I realized I didn’t have a notebook with me O___O but I did have one sheet of legal notepad notepaper that I had folded up really small to fit into my micro-purse. So I took it out and to make sure I would have plenty of space, I wrote really tiny. It was so fun. From one edge of the paper to the other, two lines of handwriting in one line on the paper.


A closer picture so you can see how small it was. (And so you can see how I misspelled my own character’s name. Her name is ELISABETH, not Elizabeth. I didn’t even realize I had done that until I was typing it into my laptop.)

And then my drawings.


It’s hard to see, but I sketched that in the truck. I also sketched the next picture but I didn’t take a picture of it with my camera before I colored it. Oh, well, you can hardly see it either.

And now for to show you the gloriousness of colored pencils.


(My camera murdered it. It looks so much nicer in real life.)


This one turned out better on the camera. I had a lot of fun with both. And just for kicks, I took pictures of the my pallet for each picture.

The flower one:


Elsa’s castle:


So basically I have fallen in love with colored pencils and I want to


3 thoughts on “Actual Drawing and Writing stuffs

  1. Ooh how cool! That’s so awful you didn’t have a notebook! :O Last time I went on a road trip I went overboard and brought like three notebooks. XD But fortunately I didn’t have my laptop at the time or I would have brought it too… I can’t live without things to write on!

    AWESOME drawings! You sketched those in the TRUCK? O_O Wowww. I’m in awe. That musta been hard! Gaah, now I want to draw things… I haven’t in a long time.

  2. You and your handwriting…. I’m so jealous…. XD

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