Roads and Family and Drawings and Writings

So. We went on a road trip and I didn’t blog about it like I said I would(try to). Anyway, I haz pictures to prove that I did, indeed, go, and pictures to prove that I did, indeed, draw and write in the truck.


We found a castle in South Carolina. (Actually, it was on the border so I don’t know if it was in North or South Carolina, but we thought it was South.)


Me. Driving.


Me. Wiff adorable little cousins.


Me. With step-sister.




Wiff family.


Texas Taco Co. Yes, we did eat here. They have giant burritos.


Me with aforementioned giant burrito.


Modelling the hat we got in Ponchatoula.

IMG_5923 IMG_5925


Gorgeous clouds.


Sign inside the tiny bathroom at the local restaurant. That thing was like three feet by three feet. THE WHOLE BATHROOM. Not just a stall. Well, it was kind of a stall. The sink was outside.


Sign at a gas station.

I don’t have all the pictures for proof that I draw and wrote in the truck(while on Texas roads) but I will soon.


5 thoughts on “Roads and Family and Drawings and Writings

  1. OH MY WORD MAH PICKLE’S BAAAACK! WE MISSEDDED HEEEER!!!!!!!! AND I LOVE THE PICS AND YOU’RE MAKING ME HUNGRY AND DEEEEEB!!!!!!!!!! (Not hungry for Deb, but hungry, and there was also a picture of Deb…. You get what I mean. XD) AND YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!!! BOTH OF YOU!!!

  2. Tacos….*drools* Tacos are awesome, I just feel the need to basically repeat myself here because it’s truth. CASTLE. OMG A CASTLE. I wish we had castles in Australia. My nephew called our local library a castle…It’s like a two story brick building. The kid needs to get out more. -_- lol!

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