The Leibster Award de la second

So I got tagged in this tag AGAIN, this time by Niccy. So now I have been tagged in this tag and the Sunflower tag twice.

I’m not going to SPECIFICALLY tag anyone because I don’t really have anyone left to tag, so I’ll take a page out of Mirriam’s book and just say, anyone who wants to do this tag can do it.

I’m also going to do this thing backwards. FIRST I will give your questions to answer if you decide to do it. THEN I will answer the questions Niccy gave me. Because I like to break the mold like that.

My questions for you.

*trying to think of questions*

hah, okay these aren’t questions but who cares.

1) Show a picture of your eyes, close enough that we can see what color they are.

2) Show us a Supernatural gif.

3) Marvel gif.

4) LOTR gif.

5) Disney gif.

6) Gif from your favorite movie.

7) Gif from your favorite TV show.

8) Gif that explains you in a nutshell.

9) Gif of a favorite character.

10) An animal gif.

11) Favorite quote. It can be from anything.


And now the questions for me to answer.

1) What… is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
2. How many licks to the center of the lollipop?
3. Top five movie/tv show character crushes (not in order, that’s impossible)?
I don’t really have ‘crushes’ on characters, but I’ll list fictional guys that I like and find attractive.
Good grief, I didn’t think it would be so hard to think of five fictional guys. It doesn’t help that I’m limited to TV shows or movies, otherwise I’d just slap down some of Mirriam’s male MCs and be done with it XD
4. (Since you’re all writers) How many active books currently? One… and… a half. Ish. (But shhhh, I’m not technically writing it yet I’m just… dinking around with it.)
5. Given the chance, would you go bungee-jumping?
6. Top five songs in your playlist? Umm… So Much God, God Will Make This Trial A Blessing, I Have Come By The Way Of the Cross, His Life For Mine, Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Which of these does not belong…? XD)
7.  Favorite Mario kart character?
I hate Mario Cart.
8. Favorite Disney film?
Beauty and the Beast.
9. How is a raven like a writing desk?
They both have feathers on them.
10.Time-travel or space-travel? (Not both.)
Time Travel.
11. If you had to pick another name for yourself besides your own, what would it be?
Ack, why? I don’t lay awake at night thinking about these things. Robin? Pickle? I dunno.

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