Say ‘No’ to Negativity.

Mirriam posted about this and I decided to share it. For three days, she is going to try to not say anything negative. Lets make this a thing, people! First, here’s Mirri’s original post, so you can see exactly what she said about it and what prompted this.

Second, this.

Try to say nothing negative about anything.

a) for three days

b) for forty-five days

c) for three months

See what happens to your life.

(I changed it to ‘anything’ instead of ‘anybody’ because we’re doing NOTHING negative, not just nothing negative about people.)

THIRDLY, if you’re gonna join this bandwagon with us, take this image and add your blog name!


FOURTHLY(I know, so many numbers and rules and stuff, I’m sorry. Wait, is that negative? Maybe a little. Oops, sorry).

I seriously just forgot what the fourth point was gonna be. Wow.

Oh, yeah, right. So fourthly, go make a blog post about this on YOUR blog and post that above image(with you name added) with these same steps. (I’ll make an easier list so you can just copyandpaste it).

Fifth, please link back to this post so we can see how many people are doing this!

So, here’s the simplified list.

  1. Mirriam’s original post. (Or mine, or whoever you got it from).
  2. What this thing is all about: Try to say nothing negative about anything for three whole days.
  3. Take the above image and add your name to it.
  4. Make your own blog post about this to spread the word(don’t forget to include the image!)
  5. And post the link to your post on the blog that you saw this idea on.

Lets see what happens in our lives and our relationship through this thing.

>exit, pursued by a bear.




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