Chatterbox: Water

May’s Chatterbox is Water and since one of my projects has to do with sea nymphs, I thought it very appropriate to write a little prequel.


Seya wove her body back and forth, swimming in perfect synchronization with her friends and sisters. The seven of them made a long line, gliding over the ocean bottom.

Without breaking their pattern, she reached out and grabbed a light crystal off the ground and tucked it into her pocket. On her left, her sister let out a high moan.

“Found one?”

Seya nodded and copied her sister’s moan, just one note lower.

They continued weaving through the water, collecting light crystals. When they reached the edge of their home range, they all turned in perfect harmony.

Except for Dari, Seya’s friend. She paused at their border, gazing out over the deeper water where the ocean floor sank out of sight.

“Dar?” Seya clicked.

Her friend didn’t respond. Together, Seya and the others drifted over to her.

“Smell it.” Dari hummed, her voice almost a monotone.

A frown troubled Seya’s brow. Something was wrong with Dari. Then she cause a whiff of the scent her friend had been captured by.

“Bellamore!” Seya shrieked. “Dari, come!”


She glanced at her sister Leya. She had the same captivated, distant look on her face.

“Leya, no!” This time her shriek sent a dozen fish racing for safety. “Come!” She called for the others, but when she turned to see where they were, they had crossed the border, swimming swiftly toward the tantalizing smell.

“No! No! No!” Seya pinched her nose shut. The drug did smell… beautiful. She wondered why it was down here. It was a land plant. Maybe she should go see…

No. Bellamore was what the fishermen used to capture sea nymphs. She pinched her nose harder and screamed at her friends.

But they were completely taken by the drug already and if they heard her, they didn’t pay any heed to her words.

“It’s Bellamore! Humans! They’ll catch you!”

Her air began to run out and all she could do was watch as the rest of her school disappeared into the deep, searching for the poisonous drug. Her parents had been taken a week ago. Days before that, her brother and his family. She and her friends had taken to hiding deep in the coral caves, but the fishermen had still found them.

With a wracking sob, Seya turned away and raced back to her cave.


One thought on “Chatterbox: Water

  1. SEYA, SEYA, SEYA, SEYA, SEYA!!!!!!!!!!!


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