Le Liebster Award tag thingy

Why’s is called an award when the only thing you’re given is questions to answer?

ANYWHO, I really do like being tagged in these things, even if it takes me a while to get around to them. Rana Baggins tagged me in this and gave me eleven questions to answer BUT since I liked the questions SHE had to answer, Imma answer TWENTY-TWO questions because I like to mess things up and do my own thing. So there.

First. Info’mations about dis fing.

Thank and link back to the person who nominated you
List 11 facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
Nominate 9 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers (you can’t nominate the blogger who nominated you)
Ask them 11 questions
Let them know about the nomination

Number uno: fank you Rana.

Number two: Eleven facts about myself. Gaaahhh people I don’t know anything about myself. I hate having to think up things to tell you. But I’ll do my best.

1) I have highlights, but one is at the nap of my neck and the others are underneath by crown, so you can’t see them unless I braid my hair. Then I look like Anna from Frozen with a blond streak in my braid.

2) I have literally sat here for probably more than five minutes, poking the inside of my lip until it hurts, and reading a blog post on the Barnes and Noble website, trying to think up another fact about myself. And I haven’t thought of anything. I know this wasn’t really a fact, but who cares.

3) I have a crooked tooth. There. Fact.

4) OKAY SO I recruited help for this. Sylrae said “Well, you’re an excellent author, you’re kind, and wise and brave and a little bit strict.” I suppose technically that was five facts, but since I actually had to ask help for this, I’ll leave it under one fact.

5) I can be very, very self doubtful and insecure about things. No one believes me when I say that, and it hardly ever shows, but it’s true.

6) I have very vivid and detailed dreams about EVERYTHING. Including dreaming about breaking eggs and then the next day my mom dropped a carton of eggs on the kitchen floor. My dreams can now be classified as creepy too.

7) Sylrae also said, “…You help other people in their quest for excellence.” o__O I’m learning things about myself.

8) My collarbone broke when I was born.

9) I hate spiders and most bugs.

10) I can’t stand it when people try to make me change because they don’t like something about me.

11) I don’t like soda. Not because I dislike the taste; I actually like the taste of some sodas, but I know they’re so bad for me that I can’t drink one without cringing XD

Number three: questions.

1. Do you like to take distorted pictures of yourself?

WELL TECHNICALLY you don’t TAKE distorted pictures of yourself, you just take normal ones and THEN distort them. Now that we’re clear on that, no, I don’t distort pictures of myself. I rarely even TAKE pictures of myself, and I don’t spend any more time on them than I have to.

2. How would you describe yourself?

Tall. Dorky. Weird. Sarcastic. Fierce and loyal to my friends. Random. Food.

3. What’s your best joke?

I don’t know any jokes and usually ones I try to make are stupid.

4. If you had to change your name, what name would you pick?

Lisa-Dreen Dawn-Pickle Snow Swart-Canfield.

5. Do you collect clothes tags?

Why would anyone even do this?

6. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Something that you can modify a lot, while still keeping it the same food. Like pizza or enchiladas.

7. Choose one: Famous, rich, or attractive

Rich. Now before you start calling my greedy and all that junk, let me explain myself. What good could you do with being famous or attractive? Yeah, yeah, maybe if you were famous you could make speeches or whatever, but there is NOTHING you could do with attraction besides collect a string of people who follow you just for your looks. I would hate that. I chose rich because, with the right heart, you could do a lot of good with your money.

8. Do you have a favorite letter?

o___O why would I have a favorite letter?

9. Chocolate or peanut butter?

O___________________O Why are they separated? (this was Rana’s answer and I’m keeping it because it’s perfect XD)

10. Would you be chosen to act as Snow White or the wicked step mother?

I don’t think I would enjoy playing Snow White. I don’t know. Maybe. I wouldn’t want to be the wicked step mother though… but I would probably do either character justice, if I had to. I actually love acting, so I really wouldn’t care which one I got XD

11. Which is your favorite hair color: pink, blue, or green?

I have one character with green hair, and another with blue, but they’re nymphs so for them, it’s natural. I can’t really chosen between green or blue, but definitely not pink.

(those were the questions Rana answered, so now these are the ones she gave me to answer)

12) What nationality are you?

I was born in America, so obviously I’m American, but I have an Irish and English heritage.

13) Do you believe the ends justify the means?


14) Do you work well under pressure or snap?

Depends what kind of pressure. I don’t usually visually snap, but I can snap inside very easily.

15) What’s your favorite music genre/band?

Old fashioned hymns, good movie soundtracks, and Irish folk music.

16) Batman or Superman?


17) Do you like to bake?

I like making any kind of food.

18) Would you rather burn to a crispy chip of a human person or get skinned alive?

Rana… seriously, I worry about you sometimes. What kind of question IS this even??? And why do you want me to answer it?

19) Honestly, how many friends do you have? Not acquaintances, but honest-to-goodness-friends.

As in, people I would go to and can count on if I needed them and could dump my feelings on without worrying what they thought? I would say I have close to fifteen, but only because of the Nealer fandom. Because that formed last October, I have about… four. Ish.

20) What was/is your best subject in school?

I’m really enjoying learning ASL right now. Economics helped me know how to form realistic countries in fiction. Literature was awesome.

21) Do you do your own thinking or allow others to just give you the information?

Both. Usually I think over the information people give me XD

22) What’s your favorite ink color?


Number four. I’m suppose to give y’all 11 questions to answer but I might be feeling a tab bit lazy right now, so just pick 11 questions fromt he above 22 and answer them.

Number five! Eleven bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Oh, bleh. Do I even know that many bloggers? Let’s see.

1) Vandi at The Other Half of the Story.

2) Elizabeth at Chasing Woven Glass. I don’t know if she has less than 200 followers, but her blog is awesome, so I’m tagging her.

3) Deborah at The Road of a Writer.

4) Treskie from Occasional Randomness. Her blog is EPIC. GO LOOK AT IT NOW. She’s a fun awesome person.

5) Lody at The Splendor Falls. I don’t know how many followers she has, so lets pretend it’s less than 200.

6) Rachel at The Inkpen Authoress. Same as above.

7) My Annapuppy over at Dreams of a Narnian.

8) Ashley at [insert title here]. I’ve never seen her blog before, I’m just searching around for lesser-known blogs and hers only have a few followers.

9) Kashie and her blog Sckittles.

10) A girl named Bella at To Say Nothing of Reality. Purposely searching for new blogs is fun.

11) and I can’t find anymore XD Wow, I still did ten, including two people I have never spoken to or read their blogs before, and one person I’ve only just barely kind of sorta met a while ago. SO. Now I need to inform these peoples that they has been tagged.

And, le pic.




13 thoughts on “Le Liebster Award tag thingy

  1. 18 makes me worried about Rana too… >.> (“The Villain Authoress” is a clue I think…)

    It’s SO hard to think of random facts about oneself! I was trying to do that for another tag yesterday and… man. -_-

    These were fun! :D Thanks for tagging me! ^_^ *huggles*

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