This is a Dream

I can’t believe this is actually happening. I mean, fairytales aren’t suppose to be real, right? But here I am, in England, on the most beautiful estate in the country, and about to marry the wonderful man who owns it.
We met at the airport in New York almost a year ago. I had just come back from a summer in France, studying the culture, and he was about to go back home to England. Both our flights had been delayed, so we ended up chatting for nearly three hours, and even had lunch together. (Lunch at 11:30 pm, that is. Airports seem to run on a whole different timetable than normal people.)
Anyway, we had such a great time talking that we decided to keep in touch and he even invited me to come visit him sometime. He’d told me everything about his home in England. A beautiful Victorian mansion on over one hundred acres of gardens and forest. It sounded heavenly.
We parted ways. He went back to England, I flew back to my little apartment in Austin Texas. The next morning, after his plane landed in England, I received a text from him, asking if I was okay and if I had gotten home safely.  
I thought gentlemen like him only existed in books.
We emailed and talked on the phone for three months before I had a chance to take him up on his offer and come visit him in England. By then I had a job as a journalist for a traveling magazine and they would pay half the cost for me to go to England and write articles for two weeks about the country.
By now I was seriously wondering whether I was dreaming or not. This couldn’t be real! I went to England and he was waiting for me at the airport. No, he didn’t have a limousine, or a chauffeur. He drove a nice car, but it wasn’t luxury. I loved it. It assured me that maybe he was real, that I wasn’t dreaming this whole thing.
Two weeks wasn’t nearly enough time. It flew by, I wrote my articles, and came home. In comparison to England, the US felt so drab and huge, and sprawled out. I missed the little towns and the feeling that everyone knew everyone. I knew I wanted to go back.
We decided to officially start dating and he came to visit me a few months later and proposed to me. I couldn’t speak for a few moments and then instead of saying ‘Yes!’ I asked,
“Is this real?”
He confirmed that this was real, and of course I said yes.
It took a few more months to set a date for the wedding and move my stuff over the pond to England. The wedding is going to be outside(if it doesn’t rain) on the lawn stretching for an acre in front of his mansion.
Right now I’m walking around in the gardens with a photographer following me around, snapping pictures. I don’t want to take a lot of pictures after the ceremony, so we’re going some now, just of me in my dress. The wind is a little chilly, and I probably should have ordered a long sleeved wedding dress, but the wind makes me feel alive, awake. This IS real! I’m not dreaming. Cold wind never makes you shiver in your dreams, so I know I’m awake.
“Adele!” Someone calling my name.
I look over my shoulder to see one of my bridesmaids running toward me, her purple dress hiked up to her knees as she races across the lawn.
“Adele!” She gasps as she gets close enough to speak. “It’s… it’s Daniel. He’s… he’s dead.”

6 thoughts on “This is a Dream

  1. NOOO! that CAN’T be how it ends!
    nice job describing things and such.
    you must finish this story, even if you just share it with the Nealers.

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