Dream Big

I tried a new hair-do today, and I don’t care about my hair. (And I also don’t care that that rhymes.) I mean, I care about taking care of myself and stuff, but I don’t care about doing my hair nicely or anything like that, but I decided this morning before I took a shower that I would braid my hair and put it in a bun. I even used bobby pins and they worked(I hate bobby pins and they hate me).

It’s nothing much, just a bun, but it’s something I’ve never done before and it was fun and it worked!

I have big dreams. I mean huge. Imma share with you some of my secret dreams that most people would probably say will never happen.

1) My first every query letter to a publisher is going to say,


I am totally serious. I’m going to do that. I don’t care if they don’t contact me or accept my book! I just want to do that and have fun with it!

2) If Dementophobia and Illuminata ever get published, I’m going to send a copy of each to Tom Hiddleston and ask if he would like to play Regillion and tell him that I believe he would be the perfect actor for him if the books are ever made into movies.


So those are some of my secret dreams that aren’t so secret anymore ^^

Make some dreams. Make big dreams. Make little dreams. Whether it’s as simple as trying a new hair style and feeling pretty or aspiring to achieve notable greatness, don’t be afraid to dream big. It doesn’t matter if your dreams seem unattainable from where you stand right now. Dreams do take work, but they’re worth it.

As a parting note, I’d like to be evil and get this song stuck in your head.




7 thoughts on “Dream Big

  1. I’m getting a Rapunzel doll soon and I’ve been getting her doll room set up and printing up Tangled quotes for posters, and then I see this. XD

  2. i am NOT getting that song stuck in my head. i refuse to. that and i can’t watch that movie because i (or more accurately, my dad) hasn’t set up my itunes account yet so i don’t have it and i don’t feel like begging my brother to let me watch it on his compy, cuz he’s sick and tired of it.

    but i do agree about the dreams thing. mine are crushed right now so i have to find new ones. but you should always have at least one dream and have hope that it will come true.

  3. Wow. Those are interesting dreams. That would be cool if you do them. I admire you. O_O

    Last night I went and found the original trailer for Tangled that I’d seen once… it has stuff in it that wasn’t in the movie! :O How dare they. *sobs* It’s fun to see though. :P

    Also this is random, but Loki sitting there made me think of it… I’ve only ever written three little fanfictions; one was for Doctor Who, one was for Mirri’s The Shadow’s Fall, and the latest was about Thor and Loki. XD I’m very selective with my fanfiction, heehee (mostly because all the ideas I have can be twisted to suit my own original stories). I’m curious if you write fanfiction ever?

    1. I started out by writing LOTR fanfiction and roleplaying on a LOTR chat board with other Lotr fans. If I hadn’t started writing fanfiction, I probably wouldn’t have started writing my own fiction as soon. It was a great spring board for me to get going on my own.

  4. THOSE DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE EVEN IF I HAVE TO MURDER SOMEONE TO MAKE ‘EM HAPPEN. *coughs innocently* I’ll help you, Pickle, should you need me. XD
    And guys — SAME HERE with fanfiction. If I hadn’t started writing that, I’d never have developed my talents like now. ;D Not only was it fun, it was GREAT practice. (My favorite is DELETED. I’m DEVASTATED). XD

    1. Sometimes I wonder, Elfie, who’s the big sister here, you or me? XDD


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