Name Book Snippets for March

I’m always afraid I’ll repeat names on here because I don’t keep track of the ones I posted and the ones I haven’t. Imma give you some more traditional, though maybe slightly unusual, names this time.

Boy names: Blake, Burton, Bufford, Chester, Casper, Clay, Darby, Edgar, Elton, Emerson, Erland, Farl, Felton, Galt, Galway, Hamish, Hansel, Herbert, Heim, Justice, Kelvin, Kenyon, Kingsley, Lambert, Lavi, Leland, Mavern, Oakley, Orrien, Park, Quinn, Rayner, Reece, Ridley, Rowland, Sheldon, Shipley, Torrance, Vester, Warren, Weldon.

Girl names: Alaine, Aldroa, Alona, Arone, Collie, Kella, Kelia, Kesha, Kyla, Laria, Ledia, Lelia, Lavanna, Mara, Nara, Nira, Rosa, River, Selvia, Sky, Valora, Vine, Yakona.

Sorry, I have way more traditionalish boy names than I do girl names. I was feel generous, so you get 64… or 65. I lost count XD Anywho, I hope you enjoy these and possibly find the perfect name for that mysterious character who’s lurking in the corner of your brain.


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