March Nonesense Book Snippet

Hey, I remembered! These will be random sentences and phrases from my Nonesense Book that I hope might possibly spark something in your imagination. Forgive me if any of them are repeats from other snippet posts.

The goal is the die young, as late as possible.

“It’s raining cats and dogs out there!” “No, it’s not. It’s raining dragons.”

Handcuffing someone with barbwire.

“The poor are disappearing.”

Soul piercing eyes.

“How far are you willing to go?” “Farther than I should.”

“She’s so afraid of pain, she will hurt herself in an effort not to feel it.”

It was like hate at first sight.





4 thoughts on “March Nonesense Book Snippet

  1. Niiiice. So… your Nonsense Book is I guess what my Writer’s Notebook/Author’s Journal is? (I call it my “Forest of Thought”) Where all the little dibs and dabs and snippets go that randomly call upon our brain and then refuse to be shown out the door… :D

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