Library book sale

Book sales are always good, but when it’s a library book sale and you’re in the process of devouring all the books your library system has(to the point that you recognize one of your librarians at a local restaurant) so you have this kind of personal connection to your library, a library book sale is very good.

It’s even better when you walk out with FOUR beautiful books.

And it gets flat out great when you go home and tell your writer friends what you got and they rave and cry and weep and celebrate over two of the books you got that you had no idea were rave-cry-weep-celebrate worthy.

So here are the books I got.


Complete Sherlock Holmes, volume 2. It’s so big and beautiful and preciousss, yesss.

How to Get Happily Published. It looked good so I got it.

The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley. Ashes raved and cried and fangirled over this one SO APPARENTLY IT’S GOOD. I can’t wait to read it. I’d heard of Robin Mckinley and wanted to read some of her books, so when I saw this I grabbed it on a whim. I almost put it back too O.O I’m glad I didn’t.

And How to Be Your Own Literary Agent. This one’s great too, thanks to Sarah informing me. I can’t wait to dig into this one too.

So there are the four additions to my book shelf.

OH WAIT. Okay, I didn’t get this at the book sale, I got this on Thursday at ANOTHER used book store(we have three close enough to visit semi-regularly). Look at the beautifulness.

Snapshot_20140322 Snapshot_20140322_1 (sorry, I cut my eye off XD)

Such big. Much Shakespeare. Wow.


14 thoughts on “Library book sale


    (Okay, so I don't have the writerly-related ones, and I obviously haven't read all of Shakespeare, or quite all of Sherlock, and I still haven't read The Blue Sword but I have it. So even though I haven't read them all yet they look like old friends. ^_^)

  2. I looove library sales. :) Our library just had one and I scored some awesomely good conditioned Harry Potter books. OH, but that Shakespeare book looks fabulous. I like old books. I found a stack of reeeally old Hornblower books at a second-hand-store too. $4 and they were REALLY old. So exciting. XD Heeeey, though, this is seriously weird of me to say, but just thought I’d mention it, be careful with books about literary agents/publishing, because they get out-dated SUPER fast. I’m not even kidding how fast. Just so you know. ^_^

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