The Sunshine Award

Anna tagged me in this blog post taggy thing. I’ve never done a blog tag before, so here we go.

1. What are your top five favorite books?

Gah, you mean top fifty? *groans* Okay five… these are just the first five I think of. The Bible, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ranger’s Apprentice #6 The Siege of Macindaw, Healer’s Apprentice and Captive Maiden by Melanie Dickerson.

2. What style do you enjoy writing in the most?

You mean like… POV style? Or Genre style? So far I’ve only successfully written fantasy, but that will change when I start writing Goth Girl. I’ve only done third person POV but my NaNo this year is gonna be in first. I did that because I wanted to learn and if I failed miserably, what better project to trash than my first dorky NaNo?

3. Whose writing to you admire the most?

Shoot, you’re gonna make me pick just one. GAH, I can’t chose. I really love Melanie Dickerson’s, but Mirriam’s probably ranks right up there too… Diana Wynne Jones was a very engaging and fun writer to read.
4. What is the thing that prevents you most from writing?

Being too busy and//or not putting ‘writing’ on my to-do list. (Seriously, people, it works. If you look at your to-do list 154 times a day like I do.)

5. What is your favorite WIP?   (Yes, I did that question just to be evil.)

Ha! I only have one WIP so I don’t have to pick a baby XD Illuminata is my current WIP but I am chomping at the bit to start Oceanus.
6. What is your nickname?

You assume I have only one. The first that came to mind was ‘Pickle’. My darling Elfie officially labeled me as that several months ago, but when Mirriam mailed me my copy of Monster she wrote “Lisa Pickle’ on the address.

7. How many siblings do you have?

8. If you could visit anywhere, where would you visit?

Fictional or are we confined to this world? It’s too hard to pick a fictional place, so I’ll go with Scotland.

9. How many writing blogs do you follow?

It would probably take me all day to count them. I actually don’t read most of the emails I get *ashamed* A while ago I signed up for like 15 or 20 blogs, either friends of friends of friends or actual author blogs or just writing advice blogs. Needless to say, it’s impossible for me to read them all.

10.  If you had to choose between Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston, who would you pick?

Anna, you are every shade of evil. Before I cast Tom as Reggie’s model I probably would have picked Benedict, but if given the chance, I would pick Tom and make him play Reggie XD

And now for my tags! I tag Mirriam and Rana from The Villain Authoress. Answer the same questions I did ^^



12 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award

  1. XD I love your to-do list. Brilliant.
    Don’t chomp too hard. I’m enjoying Illuminata way too much right now and forever. XD
    I thought ‘uno’ meant none for a second…. *headdesk* Yeah, I’m Hispanic.
    Scotland is a good choice. XD
    YES. TOM AS REGGIE. HAS — TO — HAPPEN. (And Anna is nothing if not evil. We all agree. XD

      1. *fangirls with abandon*
        Yesh. He’s just so awesome and heroic and sweet and manly and stuffs. He’s a superb hero! ^_^ VALTEN!
        (Have you read “The Fairest Beauty”? That’s where I first met Valten as a side character…)

      2. Yes, I read Fairest Beauty first but I didn’t like as much as Healer’s Apprentice. I still like HA better than CM but I love Valten more than Wilhelm. DEB. I PMed Melanie Dickerson when I finished CM and I told her how much I loved Valten and she said I could fangirl to her about him whenever I wanted XD

        She has a Frog Prince book coming out this November and THEN SHE’S GONNA WRITE A RAPUNZEL BOOK.

      3. I haven’t read Healer’s Apprentice yet… I THINK I liked Captive Maiden better than Fairest Beauty… But I did like both Gabe and Valten a ton. Valten’s my favorite at the mo’ because I just read him. ;)
        AAAHHH THAT’S SO AWESOME!!! :D :D :D Interaction with fave authors is just… BEST. EVER.

        I’d heard about the Frog book but… a RAPUNZEL BOOK?? :O THAT’S FANTASTIC!! :D Eep, I can’t wait already! O_O

    1. Compared to Wilhelm and Valten, Gabe’s not as great. He’s GOOD, but I didn’t fall head of heals in love with his story like I did CM and HA. Have you read Merchant’s Daughter?

      1. I haven’t, but I hope to soon. I have infested interest because my current WIP is a B&B rewrite.

        Wilhelm is AMAZING. He and Rose are hgirwsogheriowhtnwhr.

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