March Chatterbox: Mirrors!

So I’ve jumped onto the Chatterbox bandwagon. Thank you Mirriam, for being the first blogger for me to see doing the Chatterbox, and thank you Rachel, for starting this whole thing.

This month’s Chatterbox is about mirrors, and so I decided to use my character Manga from Goth Girl. I know it seems like there’s more makeup than mirrors in this, but I tried XD


She carefully applied eyeliner to the rims of her eyelids; thick, black lines that made her eyes pop out and look bigger than they really were. She drew the line out, past the edge of her eye and made a wing half an inch long, pointing back toward her ear.

No, half an inch was too long. She smudged it off and made it slightly shorter.

Putting her eyeliner away, Manga dug through her collection of eyeshadow. Completely unsure of what look she wanted today, she transferred her gaze to the mirror the studied herself. Her hair was growing out a bit and looked shaggy. The white streak in her bangs needed to be redyed. Her default black eye shadow was getting boring. She pulled out a deep, sparkly green and heaped it on until it looked like paint.

As Manga applied her layers of makeup, she avoided making eye contact with herself in the mirror. She rarely made eye contact with anyone, but especially herself. It was pathetic, but she couldn’t hold her own gaze.

Somewhere she’d read, or heard, that eye contact was a sign of trust or something; of being comfortable around the person you were making eye contact with.

Maybe that meant she didn’t trust herself.

She shrugged and pulled out a stick of green lip stick. She knew for a fact she wasn’t trustworthy. How could anyone trust a–

“Shut up.” The whisper came out as a sharp hiss. She glared at herself in the mirror. “Shut. Up.”

She shoved the rest of her makeup into her makeup bag and whirled around, turning her back on her reflection. She hated mirrors. She hated looking at herself. Makeup helped, but she was still herself under it all.

With a parting glare at the mirror, she stomped out of the room.



9 thoughts on “March Chatterbox: Mirrors!

  1. Oooh, this is awesome and intriguing! I love your writing voice, too, btw. I’ve never heard of “Chatterbox”, mm. Definitely checking out that link…

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