Why does God allow pain and suffering?

How could a loving God allow terrible and painful things to happen?

You’ve probably heard this controversial question before. You’ve probably read many articles and books that try to answer it. Today I would like to present to you a few reasons(not answers) that God allows such things to happen and what our response should be.

First of all, who are we to question God? Or, might I say, what are we to question God? The subject of doubting God is not what I want to linger on today, nor do I plan to hound Christians of the sin of doubting. Instead I would like to view this from an aspect of humility.

God created us. He is our Master. He controls every moment of our lives. When you make something, a wood carving perhaps, what would you think if your work suddenly shoved your hands away and demanded, “What do you think you’re doing? That hurts, do you mind? Leave me alone!” Would you carefully explain everything you are planning to make that wood into and only proceed if the wood gave you its permission? Or would you tell it you’re not finished yet and go back to gently cutting away the unneeded parts?

You see, we are the clay, and God is the potter. He’s not finished molding us yet and what are we to question His divine hands? God will not tell us every single detail of His plan for the next five years of our lives, but instead He will remind us who He is and continue working in our lives. It may hurt and be uncomfortable for a while, but would you rather Him ‘carve’ away the extra, unneeded parts, or let you carry it around because you refuse to let Him work? We need to be humble and give Him control of our lives. Though it may be painful, though we don’t understand, though it doesn’t make sense, we must let Him do His work in us, and find peace in knowing that it is for our good, and we’ll come out better when it’s over.

Second, we learn to trust God. If life was always perfect, amazing, and there was no trouble or heartache, how would we learn to trust God? There would be no reason to trust God, because we wouldn’t realize we need Him.

When hard times come, we have a habit of blaming God and demanding to know why. We are suppose to cry out to Him in our time of need, but we do it all the wrong way. Instead of getting angry and bitter at God and wanting to circumstances to go away, we should cry out to Him as our Protector and Comforter. We should say, “God, I don’t know why this is happening, but I do know that You are always in control. This is hard and it hurts, but I trust You. Please help me to see You in this situation and keep my eyes on You, not on myself.”

And lastly, because it brings God glory. When we are humble about ourselves and we trust Him through the pain, He gets the honor and the praise when He brings us out of the valley. We trust Him that He will bring us out, and when He does, we praise and glorify His name.

Do we ever remember to humble ourselves and trust and praise God when life is good? Unless we’ve been through a dark valley, we do not know the extent of His love and care of us and are unable to praise and worship Him properly. When life is going good, do we have a reason to be humble? Or do we get prideful and think that all the good things that are happening are because of what we have done, instead of staying on our knees and thanking Him for what He is doing?

Above all, trust God. Lean on Him. You don’t need to understand what’s going on. The only thing you need to understand is how to stay humble and trust God while He teaches you why you need to praise Him.



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