Nonsense Book snippet; February

So when I was reading the book What If? for school a few years ago, one of the writing exercises that it repeated several times was to write about a traumatic childhood event.

I don’t HAVE a ‘traumatic childhood event’ to write about. Or at least, I couldn’t think of any when I had to write about one. So obviously the correct answer was to MAKE UP a traumatic event that had supposedly happened to me. This was the result.

My father was from Egypt, my mother was born at the south pole. At the age of three my parents were kidnapped and I was sold into slavery to China. When I was six I almost fell off a cliff and died. Then as I was waiting to be rescued I was almost eaten by a shark.

When I was eleven I was kidnapped by space aliens and taken to planet Xforbwan. The aliens worshiped me for ten years. When I was twenty-one our planet was eaten by a Black Hole. The aliens saved me by putting me on one of their space ships and catapulting me out of the Black Hole.

I went back to earth but during my stay with the aliens their diet had turned my skin faintly green. No one on earth believed I was human.

Presently I am living on Saturn, being served by space frogs. Do not ask me what they are because I do not know. 

As I’ve said before, I have a very large streak of dramatic in me XD


10 thoughts on “Nonsense Book snippet; February

    1. I am so sorry! I forgot to tell you that I’m taking a limited internet break and I’m not gonna be on Facebook or email until March 1. I kept meaning to let you know but I forgot and I am SO. SORRY. But I am not dead, I’m alright, so don’t worry.

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