Monthly Snippets

So guess what I forgot to do for the last two months.

Name Book and Nonsense Book snippets.

I realized this morning during my Bible time that I had completely forgotten to do those since December and y’all have no idea how bad I feel about it. To make up, I will give you 50 names from my Name Book right now, and later I’ll do a couple snippets from my Nonesense Book and possibly even snippets from Illuminata.

Mecilia, Gyna, Eruda, Eyrlasse, Bandeg, Eldron, Lollin, Waite, Selthia, Selitha, Vee, Gace, Adria, Ocena, Awaris, Gila, Anor, Candiel, Seye, Calneh, Nitro, Nitra, Bianca, Jayu, Diea//Diae, Nova, Dermot, Musava, Ciorra, Fewar, Scrute, Arrown, Vaine, Ander, Kust, Arafa, Riverdeen, Fernuch, Calani, Aylor, Adagio, Aries, Peron, Elysian, Anderen, Caste, Tiska, Willard, Maek, Sabeth.

(Sorry if any of those were repeats from previous months. I might not be able to keep up doing a monthly snippet of my Name Book because I don’t accumulate names that fast XD anywho, enjoy).


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