Goals for 2014

So a lot of bloggers and writers are posting their writing goals for this year, and since I have some myself, then I will share them with you, along with some other goals that might not be directly writing related.

  • Completely edit, revise, and polish Dementophobia.
  • Finish Illuminata.
  • Begin editing Illuminata.
  • Begin Goth Girl.
  • Participate in Nano.

And other goals.

  • Read 50 books(that’s my Goodreads goal).
  • Finish highschool(if I didn’t do that this year that would be pretty sad, actually. It’s more of a fact than a goal, but who cares XD)
  • Start my ‘college’ which will consist of writing advice books, since I have a nice stack of those.

And there you have it. I know it’s not much, but individually, they’re pretty big goals. I like having goals. It makes me feel organized.



9 thoughts on “Goals for 2014

  1. These are huge goals! And way to go! I put stuff on my goals list that I “knew” I’d do…I mean, why not? It’s still a goal, right? ;) Good luck with your editing. I need to put editing something on my goals list. Actually, I’m making myself a new one for 2014. So far, I’m not being very ambitious… -_-

    1. Ugh, I’ve never done any real editing before and it was exciting because I’d never taken that step in writing before, but then I started and I realized how true all the editing horror stories are XD

      1. Editing can definitely be tough…I kind of prefer it because I have stuff to work off. Buuut, it’s tiring! It’s braincell burning! Good luck! *hands copious chocolate*

  2. Good luck to you! Sounds like some awesome goals! :) Ooh, NaNo! *must try to remember how far away it is and try not to think about it* Heehee… :D

    Editing… yeah. That’s a big one. O_O I don’t think I have it totally down yet… So a BIG good luck to you on that! I’m sure you can do it! :)

    1. Awww, thanks! I’m dividing it up into sections. Right now I’m surface editing: reading through my manuscript for the first time and fixing typos, making sure there’s no unclear sentences, and changing wording and stuff. Basic things. Then I’m going to send it out to my betas and ask them for their critique on it and fix all the things that multiple ones of them mention. THEN I will send it out to five special ‘test readers’ who have never read it before and get their say on it. Sometime in there or after that I will add and subtract major scenes that I notice need to be added or fixed it rewritten.

  3. You are joining us crazies in NaNo this year!!! Yayayay!!!!!

    *chants* Dement, Illuminata, Dement, Illuminata….. :D

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