Looking back, looking ahead.

Looking back:

In January of this year I started my blog. I met Mirriam(via her blog and email) and started writing seriously-ish.

In February my mom went to visit my future step dad.

In March I went to California. I don’t remember a lot of detail from the time I was there, actually. I turned seventeen.

End of April I went home, after meeting my brother’s girlfriend for the first time. Vandi and I also began emailing. One of the best days of my life when I woke up to find her first email in my inbox XD

Mama went to visit Mark again in May, and at the end of the month we drove to our family reunion in Mississippi.

June was summer camp(the first I’ve ever been to!) and then three days after I got back from that we left for North Carolina. On the way there, I met Mirriam AGAIN, except in person this time. At the end of the month my mom and Mark got married.

July started with an awesome week to myself because the above mentioned couple was on their honeymoon XD

August I flew to visit my best friend. Afterwards I realized it was only the third time I had ever been with her in person and we’ve been friends for seven years XD

September I was in California again. I got to meet and make a lot of new friends at the church I attended while there.

October I officially started Dementophobia and got REALLY, for real serious about writing. The Nealer Fandom was accidentally formed and now I can’t imagine life without all those awesome girls.

November was Thanksgiving. (Good grief, this was just last month, why can’t I remember anything that happened then?) OH. Yeah. No duh. It was NaNo. Maybe that’s the reason I couldn’t remember anything about it XD I had a great time ‘NaNo Sissing’ all my Nealer friends.

December, which is now, I played in the church Christmas play. I left for California again on the 28th.

Looking ahead:

January of 2014 I will be in CA and hope to have my senior pictures taken then. And we’re going to see the Hobbit. And Frozen. I am planning to finish Dementophobia’s first draft.

February I will be going to spend time with my best friend mentioned above. We plan to watch lots of Sherlock and Doctor Who XD

March I will be turning 18 and hopefully seeing Divergent in theaters.

April… nothing planned, that I can think of.

May will be family reunion again.

June I will graduate if I don’t do so earlier o___o

July I will hopefully be going to see my best friend AGAIN and then go to California for a week afterwards.

August will be… August.

September will mark my… 18 and 1/2 birthday O.O (okay, let’s stop now, I don’t even want to think about that.)


5 thoughts on “Looking back, looking ahead.

  1. Wow! That was a busy year. :) And you’re getting old, eh? *hands walking stick* I’m also soooo excited to see Divergent! I am literally bouncing out of my skin for it!

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