I finished my book.

50,439 words.

114 pages.

74 days.

30 chapters.

1 book.

Dementophobia is finished.

Obviously I have editing, revising, lengthening, etc. to do, but the first draft is done. The first step, the main chunk, the spotlight work, is done. I’m really not sure how I feel about this. I’ve only ever finished one book before this, and it’s not much to speak of. I still have the sequel for Dementophobia to write, so it’s not a ‘goodbye’ or anything, but Dement has been a part of me for over three years and I just finished penning half of it.

But I am confident in myself as a writer. Yesterday while I was on the airplane, I started reading The Idiot’s Guide to Writing a Novel. The woman in front of me saw the title of the book and asked if I was writing a book. I said yes. She said she had just finished writing her novel and gave me her card with her website and book on it. I still can’t really express how I felt a moment later once I was off the plane and actually thought about what had happened.

But authors are real people. They’re not multi-billionairs who sit around in the top floor of their mansions, smoking expensive cigars and talking to each other while watching the common folk down on the ground who read their books. Authors are people. They breath the same air we do and walk the same sidewalks we do and drive the same kind of cars we do and live in the same houses we do. For all you know, your next door neighbor might be an author.

And I’ve come to the point that I don’t think of authors as “them” but as “we” and “us”. You don’t have to be published to be an author. Finishing Dement, reading that book, and meeting that woman all combined to give me lots of writerly feels and I just felt… normal. My book recommended me to that lady and she approached me about it. And I just love that.

Because I would have done the same thing.


6 thoughts on “I finished my book.

  1. THAT IS SO AWESOME!!! CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’RE AMAZING!! ^_^ I just love that feeling of finishing! I’ve only finished 3 ever (two of which need a major rewrite) and it never gets old, so I totally understand! YOU ARE EPIC!!!! :D

    (Also, I just noticed the name of my blog over there in your list of blogs you follow and just about died of some sort of awed joy… <3)

  2. CONGRATS!!! WOOT! *throws confetti and cake crumbs* That is amazing!! And that title is awesome too. (Totally intriguing.) I still think of authors as “mysterious creatures” I bet I will when I’m one day one myself. I bet I’ll just be like, “Oh gosh! There’s a cool author over there!” and continue my normal freakish fangirling. ;) They just seem such amazing people! And YOU are amazing for finishing your book.

    1. That encounter at the airport kind of drove home the point that I’m one of those “mysterious creatures” too.

      Would you like to be one of my test readers after I get some editing done?

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