The Writing Maze

This past weekend Dementophobia and I were at a  standoff. It wasn’t really that I wanted to go one direction and Dement wanted to go another. It was more like Dement wasn’t cooperating at all or even TELLING me what it wanted and I didn’t know what I was trying to do with it.

(Non-writers reading this; don’t think I’m too strange. This is normal behavior for a writer. Writers reading this will understand XD)

This I took a few days off from it and let it have some time to get over its temper tantrum. When I came back yesterday I was able to finish the chapter that had been giving me so much trouble.

Last night lying in bed I was thinking about the whole process. Writing is like running through a maze. You know the general direction you’re suppose to go, but there are offshoots and dead ends, and sometimes you have to backtrack and find another path. Sometimes it seems like you’re going in the completely opposite direction than you’re suppose to, but sooner or later it’ll curve around and you’ll see it was the right path after all.

This weekend I ran into a dead end. Now, being the stubborn hardheaded person I was, instead of turn around and find another way, I ran into that brick wall over and over again, trying to get through it. All I ended up with was a headache and frustration.

So after I took a break from it, I came back and was able to back track, feeling my way along for a different path to take. And viola! I finished the chapter, and though I’m not quite sure exactly where I’ll go next, I’m inching my way down the path and I know it’s the right one.

Nothing in life it comes easily. Just remember it’s not worth it try to run through a brick wall. Go back and find another way around.


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