Snippets + vlog announcement.

I haven’t done a vlog this month because I have no idea what to talk about. So if y’all want a vlog, you need to give me questions and ideas and subjects! Go to the vlog page and comment with a list of questions(can be anything), a subject(whether my own projects or just something random) or ideas for future vlogs. Anything you like! I just need help with content for these vlogs, otherwise they won’t happen. So go comment. The sooner you comment, the sooner you’ll get another vlog.

And now, onto snippets from Dementophobia.

She woke to a knock at her door. That was normal. Her companion maid should be bringing in some tea for her and a biscuit to eat before she got out of bed.

“Cominn.” She muttered, stretching and rubbing her eyes against the sunlight streaming in from the windows on the east side of the room.

Except her room didn’t have east facing windows.

And she was sleeping on a couch. She didn’t have a couch in her room either.

She snapped out of her half-asleep state and sat up, her eyes racing around the strange room, trying to make sense out of a nonsensical situation.

And then an unfamiliar voice spoke from the direction of the door. “My lady?”

Her hazel eyes snapped to the figure of the speaker. A servant girl, dressed in dirty white, holding a breakfast tray.

Then suddenly the whole of last night flashed into her brain like a floodgate being broken through. Nevaeh sank down onto the pillow she’d been previously sleeping on and began to cry again.

She vaguely heard the servant girl come farther into the room and set the table by the east wall from the tray she’d carried in.

Get a grip. She told herself. Come on, it’s okay. Look at the wonderful room he’s given you. He told you he wouldn’t hurt you.

But how can I know I can trust him? He KIDNAPPED me after all!

He hasn’t given you any other reason not to trust him.


She sat up again and pulled her golden curls out of her face.

What’s the worst thing that can happen to you?

He’ll tell his pet dragon to eat you.


“Come on, let’s go flying.”

All color fled from her face. “What?”

He sighed and rolled his eyes. “I said, let’s. Go. Flying.”


“On Thorn. How else?”

Her face turned a few shades whiter. “On… on the dragon?” she whispered.

Regillion stared at her for a moment. She was absolutely terrified at the thought of riding on Thorn again.

“Yes.” He answered stiffly. “It’s not like he’s going to hurt you.”

“But… but he’s a dragon!” She cried desperately.

Regillion walked up to the couch she was sitting on and looked down at her. “He knows better than to singe a single hair on your head.”


“Because he knows I’ll kill him if he does.”


“She refused?” Regillion repeated and the servant nodded. He rose quickly and stalked out of the room, taking the stairs up to the hall two and three at a time.

He banged on her door twice before flinging it open. She was sitting with her back to the door, reading.

“Nevaeh.” He growled.


“Why didn’t you come down when I summoned you?”

“Because I’m not your slave to order around.” She replied lightly, turning a page.

He strode toward her chair.

“Don’t touch me.”

He flicked a lock of her hair, just for spite, and growled when she didn’t respond.

“Come down and eat supper with me.” He said.


“PLEASE?” He yelled.

“Maybe.” She answered, still without looking up.

“Do I have to get on my knees and beg?”

This time she did look up. “That might help.”


“What time is it?” She asked.


“Of today or tomorrow?”

He raised an eyebrow, nonplused.

“Like… is today… TODAY or is it the day we went out to see the village?”

“We went out yesterday.”

“Okay, so today is actually tomorrow.” She said.

Delfia came in bearing a cup and a pitcher filled with ice water. She poured some into the glass and handed it to Nevaeh, who gulped it down and held the cup out for more. Delfia refilled it, but when Nevaeh finished that and wanted a third glass, Regillion’s voice stopped her.

“That’s enough.”

“I’m dying!” Nevaeh whined.

“You’ll live.”


“How long will I be deathly sick?” She asked.

“Another few days.”

“Can I have some more water?”

“Only if your maid doesn’t put ice in it.”

Delfia left the room to bring a pitcher of water that was free of ice.

“Have you gotten any sleep since yesterday?” Nevaeh asked.

“For being deathly sick you ask a lot of questions.”

“I want to take as much knowledge as I can to my grave. Answer my question.” She ordered.


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