List o’ Flaws

In a sort of companion to Mirriam’s post “We are unique!” I decided to post this list of character flaws that I’ve been collecting for a while. Some of these aren’t necessarily flaws per se, but they might help make your character more realistic.

(This is by no means an exhaustive list, it’s only what I’ve compiled so far.)

  • Seasonal allergies
  • acne
  • crooked teeth
  • picking teeth/fingernails.
  • selfish
  • impatient
  • habit of interrupting
  • mumbles/mutters
  • twirls hair/ripping or breaking the hair
  • frowns a lot(concentration, confusion, focus)
  • scuffs feet
  • snores
  • chews fingernails
  • plays with/fiddles with small objects absently/without thinking
  • paces
  • texts too much
  • reads too much
  • watches TV too much
  • avoids eye contact
  • addicted to video/computer games/social media
  • chews with mouth open/sloppy eater
  • minor addictions; coffee/tea, sugar, carbs, chocolate, soda, etc.
  • prideful
  • daredevil
  • twitches
  • bites lips/sucks teeth
  • bad haircut/dye job
  • stutters/stammers
  • obsessed with favorite color/wears it all the time.
  • addicted to music
  • hates chores
  • gossiper
  • disrespectful to parents/authorities
  • smart-mouth/sassy
  • procrastinator
  • lazy
  • vain about appearance
  • talks too fast/too much.
  • Tone deaf

6 thoughts on “List o’ Flaws

  1. I’ve got a couple to add:
    1. talking people down. You said “disrespectful to parents/authorities”, and this is kind-of in it. But I’m talking about those people (and really, I’ve only met one of them) who are always talking other people down. Just always saying bad things about every. single. person. around them.
    2. always cleaning their glasses when they’re nervous/thinking hard
    3. always talking, and never letting someone else get a word in edgewise

    I’ll definitely save this list–thanks so much! Sounds exactly like what I was trying to find a month ago! :)

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Those are great additions! I know I clean my glasses ALL THE TIME, even when I’m not nervous XD

      You’re welcome! I’ve had this list for a while and always meant to add to it. I’m glad I could help ^^

      1. Eep! It’s a good thing cleaning glasses isn’t a flaw “per se”, because I’d be doomed! (But I clean mine aaall the time because I have a sticky-fingered 3yrs nephew who enjoys wearing my glasses. Nice.)

        This is a great list! And I CAN’T believe I didn’t think to come onto your blog yet! (Duh, to me.) I love making my characters hugely flawed. It makes ME relate to them more. :)

      2. Well, thank you for commenting, Cait! It makes me really ridiculously happy when people comment on my blog XD

        Yuuuuus. My charries are either perfect, or completely nonredeemable. It’s hard to find that perfect balance of both. I tend to love characters that are just a little bit ‘over-flawed’, but as long as it’s done well.

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