Book Review: Doon, by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Please note: This review does contain slight spoilers.

I must say, this book far exceeded my expectation. Considering I had very low expectations to begin with, that’s not saying much, but this book was amazing. I won it from a giveaway and finished it in three days.

Over all rating is about 3.8 stars. The only things holding it back from a full 5 would be slight language, and insinuations toward very adult topics, as well as a certain kissing scene.

Plot: Okay, this was my first experience with the whole Scotland//portal//fantastical//otherworldly genre that seems to be so common. But this was amazing. Toward the end, when I read that line that makes everything make sense, it was such a wowzer moment. There were a couple moments when I felt a little bit muddled as to certain phrases or such, but I didn’t feel like it was all going over my head. Part of the book is suppose to be a bit of a mystery, so it was all good.

Characters: I love James Thomas Kellan MacCrae. From his wavy blond hair, kilt, dark chocolate eyes, and Scottish brogue, I loved and shipped him with Veronica immediately. Having a Celtic heritage myself, he was an awesome and swoon-worthy character. But I digress.
Kenna and Veronica were amazing friends. It was first person and switched back and forth between them, which was a little confusing at times because I preferred Veronica’s voice, but it was well done. I love seeing how they stick together and ‘share one brain’.
Jamie and Duncan were awesome brothers. All four of the MCs were wonderful together and there was a good amount of embarrassing and hilarious moments. Though the main focus seemed to be on Veronica and Jamie, Duncan and Kenna provided just enough comical relief. Supporting characters Fergus and Fiona were good too, and their relationship was sweet.

Language: There were maybe half a dozen bad words in it? And not really bad ones, though I believe they could have been left out without any harm done to the book.

Relationships: I was dying for some stuff to happen between the main couples and it seemed like it was NEVER. GONNA. HAPPEN. Then toward the end each couple had their due scene together. One went a bit too far, in my opinion. (SPOILER: Jamie starting to unbutton her shirt and then the part when she wasn’t wearing any trousers. Neither of those were necessary.)

Magic//Power: I was pleasantly surprised that there is very little magic in it, and most of the time it’s referred to as ‘power’ from Doon’s Protector//God. That made me happy. And the magic//power didn’t play a huge part either. The witch was definitely the antagonist, and there was nothing good about her. That pleased me as well.

The Ending: Was wonderful and bittersweet. I was really, really, really mad at Kenna. Like, put-the-book-down-I’m-about-to-cry mad. But the epilogue follows her and I’m really hoping the next book will be about her.

Speaking of the next book: I NEED IT SO BAD, OKAY, CAREY & LORIE, WHEN’S IT COMING OUT????

Side Note: Because of certain scenes and comments and implications, I cannot suggest this book to anyone younger than about 15 or 16.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Doon, by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

  1. I only scanned through this to avoid too many spoilers, but thank you for reviewing this! I saw the facebook page for the book the other day and looked at the website, and then later saw the book again on It caught my eye but I was a little hesitant about the traveling through portals to other worlds story-line. :P Thanks to you I’m probably going to get it XD

    1. Yes, I am very hesitant about the whole portal//parallel worlds genre, but I’m usually alright with them as long as God is still God in those other worlds. But this book didn’t make my uneasy or feel awkward reading it.

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