Nonesense Book Snippet

I’m tired of apologizing for my lack of regular posts here. Y’all know I’m sorry, so I’ll stop saying it and just post when I can.

SO. Nonesense Book snippet. Just random lines of dialog or scene//plot ideas. Hope it helps you and gives you ideas.

Character breaks through ice and dives into lake to get something. Swims back up; the surface has already frozen over again.

“What color is the sky where you’re from? ‘Cause I don’t think it’s blue.”

“I’ll always remember your face.”

“I’m dying in a puddle of shame, leave me alone.”

Man stole woman’s purse to find out more about her//keep someone else from stealing it.

Believe you can fly and you will.

The truth is a very uncomfortable thing.



2 thoughts on “Nonesense Book Snippet

  1. “I’m dying in a puddle of shame, leave me alone.” I love this one XD

    I like the idea of a man stealing the purse to keep someone else from stealing it, imagining the conversation that follows is also very interesting, how does he explain that? XD

    1. I made up that line after reading two scenes yesterday that were very embarrassing for the MCs in the book I’m reading XD

      That’s your job to decide. It’s the reason I post these things ^^

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