Guess what?

Guess what’s happening at the end of next week??? And no, I am not talking about Halloween. This is right after Halloween and a MILLION times better!

People, I am talking about NaNoWriMo!

No, I am not doing it this year, so why am I so excited? Because instead of writing a novel this year for NaNoWriMo, I am offering myself as an…


I already have several ‘little sisters’ (and big ones too. I’m only seventeen, but who cares. I’ll be a little sis too XD) under my care for NaNo. So what exactly does a NaNo Sis do?

Well, for the NaNo-ers, I do things like refill their coffee cups, remind them to eat on a regular basis, and make sure they get some resemblance of a good amount of sleep.

For the relatives and friends of NaNo-ers who might be a little worried or apprehensive for their loved one(s) who are participating, I can interpret certain behaviors and assure them that the NaNo-er is acting normal(within the circumstances).  Examples:

Why are they slumped over the keyboard, crying and demanding that they be left alone?

One of their characters probably died or something. Would be wise not to approach unless bringing coffee, chocolate, and//or ice cream.

Why are they slouching in front of the computer, staring at the screen, and not responding when I speak to them?

They might be burned out on inspiration or have hit a writing block. Would be advisable only to approach if bearing chocolate, ice cream, and//or coffee.

They’re bouncing all over the house, singing and dancing. Is this normal?

They are probably way ahead in their word count. Such behavior should be rewarded with ice cream, coffee, and//or chocolate.

Whether you know someone who’s doing NaNo or you just think the whole idea of writing 50,000 words in a month is crazy, (you are right. It is. But that’s the whole point.) please pray for all our NaNo-ers. They need all the help they can get. I’m really looking forward to being the biggest help I can to the NaNo-ers in my group of friends, if only to be there for them and support them through it.


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