Nonesense book snippet.

Believe it or not, I HAVEN’T forgotten about this or the monthly vlog. I’ve just been swamped with other stuff but I do feel bad for making you guys wait so long for my vlog. It will be made and posted ASAP, I promise.

But in the mean time, we have another monthly! A Nonesense Book snippet!

I hate waiting at the train station. I ride the train to and from work every day. I must get there at least forty-five minutes early because by the time the train comes in, the station is packed.

I don’t read the news paper, I can’t read books in public because it’s too distracting. I would pull out my sketch book and draw but then everyone and their brother wants to know what I’m drawing and why and how and all that. Being an artist, I can’t stand people sticking their noses in my business.

So I watch people. I must admit, you see a lot of interesting people. Many people might think me interesting, standing close to the edge of the platform, my huge black trench-coat hanging down below my knees, the high collar coming almost up to my ears. My black hat pulled down to my eyes. One hand plunged deep into one pocket, the other holding a large black brief-case. No, I am not a secret agent, though it is amusing to think some might thing me one. No, my shoulder length white-blond hair ruins that first impression.

–November 17, 2011.


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