Dementophobia update

Today, I officially start Dementophobia. I know, I technically have it about halfway done, but since Regillion’s ‘fixing’, the whole plot has been tweaked just enough that it all needs to be rewritten. And so today, I will begin at the beginning with Chapter One: To Kidnap a Princess. I even made a cool cover//banner thingy.


It is available for beta-reading, if you wish to receive each chapter in your inbox as I write it. Please either comment below, or send me an email at saying you wish to be on the Dementophobia list, and I will add you.

Also, I’m not sure if I’m content with the title ‘Dementophobia’, so if you have a suggestion for a better title I would welcome it eagerly! I was tossing around the name ‘Forty Candles’ but I wasn’t sure if that fit as well as Dementophobia. Anywho, if you’re suddenly struck with the lightning bolt of Creativity or Originality and come up with a better fitting title, I would love for you to share it. Until then, Suilad!


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