Followins…….. halp me. I dost fink I hath Writer’s Block.

Maybe it’s just that I’ve put too much pressure on myself to write Dementophobia and Wanderlust. I think Imma ease off myself a bit. There’s a difference between making something top priority, and forcing yourself to do it all the time. Writing can still be a major priority for me, even if I don’t do it every day and let myself recharge for a while.

Anywho, I think that’s what Imma have to do. I need to focus on reading and getting some things done, blogging on a regular basis, and just being productive in general.

Btw, I have NOT forgotten about your October vlog, I just haven’t gotten around to doing it. I know what I’m going to do for it to, I just need to set it up and shtuff.

I have discovered something! Computer games are a waste of time. I mean, I already knew THAT, but I found out that by playing them a whole ton they sap at the same part of our brain that produces creative activity. SO. Result? I’m cleaned out all the game apps on my Facebook and am quitting another game I play. Anyway, for recreational activities I’d rather read or draw or watch movies.

I’m desperately trying to think of interesting stuff to talk about in this post, I really am. I wrote on my to-do list “Write a blog post” and really had no idea what I would write about. But I will not leave you Followins hanging! I said I would post more often and I am. Even if it’s just rambling about random nonesense and junk.

I actually do have numerous blog post ideas, I just have this thing where I hate writing blog posts from notes. I don’t know why. I just do. I’d rather keep the whole idea in my head and then work it out in the blog post than work it out on paper and then copy it. I guess I’m not very bloggerly that way BUT I DON’T CARE. I don’t want to fit in the mold. Y’all are nice enough to follow this rambling blog anyway, so I’m not about to change.

So, I have Writer’s Block. Writer’s Not is so similar to Block I think Not can merge into Block very easily. (That sentence sounds funny.) To banish my Block//Not I plan to be very productive, read, draw, and be creative and active in other areas besides writing. And of course, I’ll blog. I think I might also limit//take a break from most of the internet for a few weeks. That always gets my creative juices flowing nicely(I think it does for most writers, really). But if and when I do that I’ll still blog, and keep up on email. I’ll just drop facebook and games and pinterest and tumblr and everything else. Just writing and email and blogging. So y’all won’t lose me forever until I come back.

SO ANYWAY, I forgot about this post for like half the day and only now glanced back at this page right before I go to bed so Imma just shut up and end this right now. Go ahead and laugh people, this is my norm XD bye



4 thoughts on “NOOOOOO!!!

  1. I write a lot of comments. *glances around* I hope they don’t bother you.

    Yes, take a break!! I shut down my personal laptop to take a break from writing, and after only a few days I got hit with major inspiration. (I’m very excited about my current project)

    I agree about games.. Except Words with Friends…..

    1. NO, I love your comments. You’re the only who DOES nowadays, and I love for it.

      I’ve taken a break from the internet twice, before, and the first time I got about 70% of my first book done. It was great.

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