Name book snippet

SO, today, for this month’s snippet, I will do titles, if I can find twenty of them XD

Deeper Than Dreams, The Brown House, The Harvest Moon Horse, Nokota’s Ransom, The End of the Apocalypse, White Desert Prince, My Take On Things, Song Hill//Song Hill Breeze, Defying All Odds, Fading Stars, Generic Detail, Words Unsaid//Left Unsaid, The Last Warrant, Silent Sounds, Boy Guardian, Sand in Your/My Eyes, Dream Chaser, Just Learn to Fly(have four variations of that one), Elysian Fields, Simply Human, The Venus Project, Dethroned.

Well, you got twenty-two, actually, lucky ducks. Enjoy!

These titles are free to take and use as you will, that is the reason I put them up here.


2 thoughts on “Name book snippet

  1. All awesome…all inspiring….o.o I’ve only titled a total of nine things in my (after the age of twelve) writer life. I got into the thinking of “I can name it after I write it” but then I started to realize that titles give story ideas a place, instead of floating all over the place and sometimes being broken up and put into other stories, titles kind of center all the things into their own story. Soo…I’m going to need to start coming up with titles. This was a great inspiration, thank you!

    1. You’re welcome! I used to be like that too, cuz I’m HORRIBLE at coming up with fitting titles. But I think I might be getting a smidgen bit better. It does help and it makes the story feel grounded when it has a real, official name XD

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