I have discovered something

Actually, several somethings.

So, I have no written serious, actual, fiction(not just brainstorm) since Monday.

I have not blogged (seriously) for over two weeks.

This morning I realized that this is the reason I haven’t been happy; I haven’t been writing.

Now more than ever I believe that God wants me to be a writer. When I write, I’m happy. When I don’t, I’m not. SO. Blogging and writing are going to take an even MORE prominent role in my life. We all have priorities, but just because we have them, doesn’t mean they’re in the right order. From now on I will blog on a weekly basis(even if I’m just rambling about nothing), and write on a daily basis.

I also discovered that Regillion is a jerk. I mean, I knew that already, but I discovered he’s an abusive jerk, not just a normal jerk. This needs to be fixed. Followins, by dear Weggie is going through what we might call, a character make over. Now don’t panic! He’s not gonna change from a moody rotten jerk to a sunshine and daisies sweetheart. There are just some parts of his personality and character that need to be tweaked. He’s dark and broody, but he needs to be balanced with a softer side, even if that side is hardly ever shown, it needs to be there. And I believe it is, somewhere, down deep in his heart, I just haven’t looked for it, and he hasn’t told me about it. And since he probably never WILL tell me about, that leaves me with the option of looking for it. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last two days.

I read through Dementophobia and I don’t like it. I just don’t. like. it. I love it, because they’re my characters and it’s my book, but I don’t like it. This is going to be changed. Now my problem is making my self actually start writing it again. I don’t have Writer’s Block right now, I think I have Writer’s Not. It’s different from Block. I CAN write, I just WON’T. This is not acceptable.

So there is your blog post and now that I have some writerly-ness flowing through my veins Imma steer that energy toward Dementophobia. Truthfully, I think I’m a little scared of handling this new Regillion because he’s more fragile than the last and I don’t want to break him. But we’ll make it, and our darling Weggie won’t be broken and he’ll be more darling than ever.



One thought on “I have discovered something

  1. W00t, way to go on your deep discoveries, and welcome back!

    I’ve been kind of going through the same thing with Writer’s Not. I keep trying to hide from the deep tugging need to write….I may or may not have a fear of pouring my heart out onto paper.

    I look forward to more posts, even if it is just rambling, that’s my favorite kind! ;)

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