I haven’t forgotten!

Followins! I have not forgotten about you, I promise. In fact I feel bad for abandoning you. I still haven’t quite found that balance of juggling life, school, writing, AND blogging. But I’m getting there! I go back home on October first and hopefully life will slow down a little(haha, like that ever happens when we think it will. BUT HOPEFULLY) and I will be able to catch up on blog posts. I do have a number of posts rolling around in my head, the problem is finding time to sit down and actually write them out.

I’ve been focusing(for some reason I always try to type ‘focuzing’) my writing time on making sure I do 100 words a day, and even though I can do that in about five minutes or even less, sometimes it’s still hard to remember to go to the document and slap out a paragraph. But Wanderlust IS. GETTING. FINISHED. Hopefully it will be done in the next few weeks. DONE, guys. Can I just be a little bit excited about that? Yeah. I am. Anywho… gotta find an image to stick in this post so it won’t just be boring text.

Oh. Here. This is what I get to sleep with tonight(hopefully).


And some random inspirational phrases from writeworld on tumblr.

“I won’t remember this, but they will.”

“Well, I didn’t exactly GIVE him the gun.”

“This isn’t a relationship, it’s a train wreck.”

“I’ll do that when I’m a little bit saner.”

“Hand me my checkbook and we’ll settle this right now.”

“She stared at her, her expression unreadable.”

“She was signing so fast he could barely understand her.”



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