So, I mentioned a little while ago when I posted the scene about Kayu, that I realized I think I have a dramatic streak in me somewhere that leaks out into my writing sometimes. For instance, think of Regillion.

REGILLION  I mean, even his PICTURE is dramatic, not even taking into account his actual back story. (Black and white pics tend to lend themselves to drama, but then again… about half my pinterest is probably black and white pictures…)

But really, think about him. His mother went insane and killed his father. He killed her when he was fourteen. He fought and defeated a dragon. He kidnapped a princess. Dramatic, dramatic, dramatic. And I’m not blaming this all on him. Yeah, that’s how he is, but really, he did come from my brain. Everything that he is originally came from me.

Now let’s think about Kayu. His picture is dramatic too. Look. https://i0.wp.com/media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/44/a1/b7/44a1b741bec9521391b3d80abdc2dd6e.jpgAnd his back story(and current story too, for that matter) is lots and lots of dramatic stuff.

His father crushed his kneecap when he was fourteen. He maimed his father when he was sixteen. (I’m seeing this disturbing trend among my characters of them killing or wounding their own parents. I think this needs to be changed.) Anyway, still. Drama, drama, drama.

Now aside from my characters, let’s take a look at my pinterest page in general. This is all from my main inspirational board, Off in my Own Little World.



(This one is also true in my real life, maybe not quite to this extreme, but I am very protective over my friends.)



I love this picture. Soooo many possibilities.




(I do have a character with eyes like this. And now that I think about it… he’s a dramatic character too. And a brat. And a jerk. More patterns…)



All these pictures inspire me and make me want to write their story. They make an impression on me.

Now. I think there is a huge difference between dramatic and just drama.

dramaticdictionary (Sorry, that’s kinda small.)

dramadictionaryDrama, in it’s literal, real, authentic meaning, is actually a play, or show.

Dramatic on the other hand is something intense, making and leaving an impression. These two words can be very closely related, or can be as different as night and day.

I, personally, do not like drama. Be it a play or a person being a drama queen//king, I do not drama. But, I myself can be very dramatic and enjoy dramatic things. (As you can see from the pictures above.)

I love the BBC Sherlock Holmes. I love Mirriam Neal’s novels Monster and Acceso. I like intense artwork that inspires and stays with you. My WIW(Work in Waiting) Goth Girl(based on the short story), is going to be very dramatic and (hopefully) impressing.

I do not think being dramatic is BAD, especially in art. Art IS dramatic. And I believe with all of my heart that writing is an art and just as important as the more prominent arts that are more recognized. But complete and total undiluted dramatisizm is tiring. As with anything, it should be had and used with moderation and mixed with a variety of other things.



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