Book Review: Crown of Midnight, by Sarah J. Maas.


I must begin by saying I was terribly disappointed by a certain part of this book, but aside from that certain part, this book was amazing. Sequel to Throne of Glass, it is the second book in an amazing series that I cannot wait to read more of.

Before I reached that certain section of the book, I was going to rate this book a 4 1/2 stars, out of 5. After those view pages that literally ruined the book for me, I dragged it down to a 2. Now that I have finished it, I have to give it a grudging over all 3 stars.

Plot: At times the plot can be so deep, with so many strings coming from every direction, it gets confusing. As with Throne of Glass, CoM ends with many questions unanswered, but not too many that it would be unbearable to wait for the next book(next summer sometime, I believe). The plot is huge. And I mean monstrously huge. I don’t know if I could ever write something that ginormous. I wouldn’t mind meeting Maas and just asking where it all came from.

Side note: There is magic in this book, and it does play a large part, but it’s not so stock full of magic you can’t see the rest of the book through it. I rate the plot an over all 4 1/2.

Characters: Can I just say I don’t think I’ve read any other characters that evoke so many different emotions in me? Love, hate, disgust, happiness, feels, shock? The chemistry between Maas’s characters is just mind-blowing. More so in Throne of Glass than in Crown of Midnight, probably because in ToG the characters were being developed and meeting each other and forming their relationships. If you need a good example of character chemistry, read Throne of Glass. I give the characters a 6 out of 5.

Language: There is a bit of language in this book, so much that in ToG I had to mark out two words before sending it to a friend. CoM has more, which was disappointing; I ended up marking out more than half a dozen. And really, the book and the characters would have been just fine without the added effect of the few words they used. This is the first reason why I mark this book for the upper-teen age group. And of course, the language gets a 1 star from me.

Relationships: Throne of Glass was wonderful. It was a touch more than I was fully comfortable with, but it wasn’t BAAAAAD. As another blogger put it, there are one or two ‘feelsy’ moments, but nothing that would totally warrant bleaching your eyeballs. In Crown of Midnight however, during that ‘certain part’ was I so. stinkin’. mad. at the author, Maas better be glad I don’t know where she lives. Two of the characters(I won’t spoil and say who) do something completely out of character. And they do it repeatedly. And it RUINS the whole character of what WAS my favorite character. I am not kidding, he was like my first and only, real, serious FICTIONAL SMOOSH. And it completely warped his character until like the very end of the book and even THEN he wasn’t quite the way he’d been before.

And then, after these characters had been having an on-going affair for a WEEK(and having sex just about as often as they breathed), Maas tore them apart. Yerp. Just like that. Jagged knife. Straight through them. But you know what? At that point, I didn’t care. I didn’t care about the characters anymore. They weren’t the ones I’d grown to love and ship so much. And yes I TOTALLY shipped this couple, before they slept together. And when they did, it felt like Maas had completely ripped the rug out from under my feet. For about two days I was like, “WHY???? WHY??? WHY????” I was so mad. The whole encounter was not essential to the plot at. all. A couple serious make-out sessions would have been enough for it to still be heart-throbbing when the characters were ripped apart. And I would have cared about it then, if I hadn’t already felt so far removed from the book and the characters. If I could rate the relationships in Crown of Midnight in negative numbers, I would. But I’ll just have to settle for a 1.

Ending: Can I just say… mind blowing? I mean, people, I cried. Chaol made me cry. It was just… and then… the riddle… the mystery I’d already guess by the middle of the book but it was STILL written amazingly… yeah. Total four stars for the ending.

So, overall, I wish I could rate it higher, but I just can’t. I really did love this book, but I can’t totally love it before of that one scene in the middle that taints the whole book. And, I know I put an age limit of 15 on Throne of Glass, I just can’t go any lower than 17 on Crown of Midnight, unless an adult reads the book first and paper clips certain pages together. I know a lot of people my age and younger read worse than what’s in this book, but for my standards, and my blog, I cannot rate it any higher, or lower the age group. And I can’t even recommend the book either. This is just a review of my thoughts, and important info to keep in mind when buying the book.


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