Random Post about myself

Okay peoples… among the top four most request posts in the poll was a random post about myself. I just threw it in there for another option, and come to find out… people want to know about me o___o

So… I’m not really sure what to SAY about myself… so I guess I’ll just ramble about crazy things I do, stuff I wanna do, and inter-thoughts and whatnot. Hold on tight, and remember, you asked for this XD

Just now I made some food and I improvised and just threw stuff in and it turned out really good. It has italian sausage, noodles, tomato sauce, peppers, chili powder, and oregano in it, and it’s topped with avocado. I like food a lot.

This actually turned out to be a teensy bit sweet and it might upset my stomach… I believe the tomato sauce is the culprit. Tomato sauce with sugar in it… bleg. Why does everything have to have sugar in it? Some of us aren’t sugar addicts, people.

Trying to think of some pictures to put into this post so it won’t just be boring text…


I did that freehand on paint like… ages ago.

Browsing through the images I have saved on my computer, these might be more useful in finding out things about me than just listening to me blabber awkwardly.

images You have been warned. I am very over-protective about my close friends and adopted sisters.

icon 26936382 256ssau


280109 209940qfy499fhgm  I love this one.

Random drawing of Rapunzel that I colored in with the paint program. Try it people, for serious it is so fun.


I always think of cool things about myself like right before I fall asleep, but when I actually sit down to write about myself, it’s like, “I know nothing about myself.” XD

Lately I discovered there is a dramatic streak in me somewhere that usually leaks out into my writing. Dramatic writing is fun. Writing dramatic stuff is fun to. Writing dramatically is acceptable as well.

Pinterest is a time waster.

Okay, so since I’m not really saying much about myself anymore, Imma just shut up and end this post, okay? Tomorrow will be either pictures of my characters, or a synopsis of a project y’all don’ know about yet.




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