So people I just now realized I ALMOST FORGOT TO WRITE TODAY’S POST so this will probably short, random, and all that other stuff. I have TWO very exciting things to tell you about though! First!


I got this book in the mail after winning an e-copy of it, but having no place to put it, the awesome blogger(Cait from the Notebook Sisters) put me in contact with the author and she offered to just send me a paperback copy. PEOPLE I WAS EMAILING A REAL LIVE AUTHOR PERSON WHO WASN’T JUST MY BEST WRITER FRIEND. And then I discovered my best writer friend already KNEW this author person and… yeah. It was full of awesomeness and stuff.

SECONDLY, I have a new fandom. Yes. Another one. XD So, just this afternoon, I watched the first two episodes of… (drumroll please)


So now I am Merlined AND Sherlocked both at the same time XD But Merlin is so cute and adorable, people! And Sherlock… Sherlock… Sherlock is awesome. Just plain and peickally awesome XD

So that was my random I-almost-forgot-to-make-a-post post and tomorrow I’ll start making the posts that were requested in the poll. If you have not yet voted in the poll, please vote here.




  1. merlin. Merlin. MERLIN. MERRRRRLINNNNNN!!!!! Sorry, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that show. I am such a huge fan. It’s wonderful. I hope you enjoy it! (though warning… your heart might shatter multiple times throughout *sigh* BBC… whyyy???) I just love what they have done. Arthur *sigh* <33

  2. Yay!!! WELCOME TO THE MERLIN FANDOM! I bid you good luck on this marvelous journey through Camelot! Jaime’s right though, your heart will shatter. But between the heart shattering moments they’ll be plenty of moments where you laugh hysterically, gasp in shock, giggle fangirlishly, and fall just a little bit in love <3

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