September Nonsense Book snippet.

Okay people, I am so sorry I didn’t post today’s post earlier. I was planning to make my vlog on Friday but then I procrastinated on purpose and yesterday was uber busy and today was too a little and YOU GUYS ARE WAY MORE IMPORTANT TO ME THAN THAT and you did not deserve to wait for this! Yes, I am rather peeved with myself right now, so in small consolation I will give you a little bit of a longer Nonsense Book snippet than usual. I know, not much of a consolation, but I’m trying, okay? You guys really do mean a lot to me. I love my blog, and I love anyone who reads my blog, and this whole week is for YOU. So without further ado(or adon’t), here is your snippet.


The last few nights she had a recurring nightmare about her brother. He was always saying the same thing, over and over again.

“Alli! Alli!” He called. “Get away from them as soon as you can. They will torture you and kill you like they did me. I’m warning you! Get away! Go to Master Argdon! He knows about them and knows how to keep you safe!”

Then suddenly his blurry face was jerked from her dreaming vision and she could only heard his voice echoing, “Get away! Get away…”


Her mother had always warned her of going outside the gate after nightfall. Now, here she was; cold, shivering, clutching tightly to her bag of belongings, she stepped past the iron gate.

She looked around nervously. She thought she felt someone’s eyes on her. It almost seemed as if the darkness itself had eyes…

She told herself she was being silly.

She hesitantly stepped away from the gate, glancing back as if it might reach out and snatch her back inside.

Suddenly she realized it still open; she had forgotten to close it. She reached out and touched the cold metal. Something seemed different. Something in the air had changed. She squeezed her eyes shut and slowly moved the gate closed.


She gasped, jerking her hand away as if she had been burned. She had forgotten about the gate creaking. Now everyone in the house would wake up and rush out to find her.

If someone had offered her one wish she would have wished for wings. She would never be able to get away fast enough now.

She turned and ran for the road. Over her shoulder she could see a light come on in the house, the door opened…

And a hand latched around her arm. She opened her mouth to scream but another hand clapped over her mouth.

“You make one sound and we’re both dead.” a voice hissed in her ear.

Before she could squirm away from the hands that held her, the hand let go of her arm and wrapped around her waist. Large, shaped shadows surrounded her; her feet were lifted off the ground.

When she could finally look down, she saw strange shadows trailing after her captor. The people had retreated back inside the house and locked the door fast.


Okay, this random scene was greatly inspired by Adele Lorianne’s character Morgan on her website At this time in my life (June 21, 2012) I was completely obsessed with her website and stalked it nearly every day. And, I think there is a very dramatic streak in me somewhere, and sometimes it gets loose XD Anyway, enjoy. I still love this scene so matter how many times I read it.


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