Every Good Word link up and questions

SO. Two of the blogs I followed both did this link up thing and I just COULDN’T be left out, so I popped over to Every Good Word and read the original post and now I’m doing it because everyone else is doing it and I’m like that. SO. Here are twelve questions Imma answer and you’re gonna read them and it’s gonna be fun.


  1. What was your first-ever piece of writing? It was about a fish. I was about eight maybe. And it was an allegory. I still remember following my mom around the house with my HELLO KITTY notebook, asking her how to spell certain words.
  2. How old were you when you first began writing? Eight. I started really writing and stuff and thinking I could write books when I was about 13 or 14. And then this last year I really decided I was a WRITER.
  3. Name two writing goals. One short term & one long term. Finish Wanderlust during the 100/4/100 challenge put on by Go Teen Writers(ends November 30). Long term would be to get published. (Shhhh, don’t tell me characters that.)
  4. Do you write fiction or non-fiction? This is gonna basically be the same answer as the other three blogs I read that did this… I WRITE fiction… but if you consider my blog as non-fiction, then both XD
  5. Bouncing off of question 4, what’s your favorite genre to write in? Not sure, actually. So far I’ve only seriously done fantasy, and one short in contemporary. I have two contemporary-Christian books in the waiting, and one futuristic dystopian. So I don’t know yet.
  6. One writing lesson you’ve learned since 2013 began. First drafts are not perfect. But you have to write a first draft to get to the second to make it perfect. And. Don’t compare yourself to other amazing successful writers. Look up to them. Stalk Follow them. Find out what they do to be successful. Don’t be afraid to contact them and get to know them and become friends with them and read all their books and stuff… (coughcoughMirriamNealcoughwheeze) 
  7. Favorite author, off the top of your head! Tolkien, forever and always. With many many close seconds.
  8. Three current favorite books. Acceso, by Mirriam Neal(unpublished, but I don’t care. If a book makes me cry, pretty good chance it’ll be a favorite). Siege Of Macindaw, by John Flanagan… and I can’t think of a third cuz I haven’t been reading that much lately. Yes, you can hate me. I kinda hate myself for it a little bit. But have no fear. Our neighbor city has three giant libraries of it’s own that I have yet to explore.
  9. Biggest influence on your writing {person}: Mirriam Neal. Hands down. Without her… nothing that’s happened this year related to my writing would have ever happened.
  10. What’s your go-to writing music? I can’t write to music and I wish I could, because apparently everyone else does and it helps a lot. But I can’t. I can barely read and breath at the same time, much less write and listen to music.
  11. List three to five writing quirks of your’s! Little habits, must-haves as you write, etc. This will be tough because I can only think of one XD When I’m writing and I’m in that DEEP writing mode of no return when you write like a mad-person for an hour+ and then you suddenly run into a brick wall for seemingly no reason and you stop… I wander out to the kitchen, find something to eat(usually something quick, like peanut butter) and then come straight back to the computer and pick up where I left off. Yerp. That’s my writing quirk. Do you like it? XD And I seriously can’t think of any others.
  12. What, in three sentences or less, does your writing mean to you? I write because I love it. I write for my friends. I write because if I didn’t I would not be me.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed it, even if I kinda cheated on a couple of the questions. Remember, starting Monday will be my week long blog celebration for my 50 followers.

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