Monthly Name book Snippet!

I ran this idea by Vandi and she said it was good, so Imma be doing a monthly Name Book snippet too. Enjoy.

Aileen, Blair, Doreen, Una, Kacee, Losah, Egland, Jessa, Eyna, Rhia, Daerin, Christia, Tenoa, Gyna, Karta//Kartah, Laurda, Eyrlasse, Eyrule, Keera, Eccaia.

I think I’ll just do twenty names per month, so I don’t run out too soon XD Feel free to ‘borrow’ any of these you like, that’s why I’m putting them out here.


2 thoughts on “Monthly Name book Snippet!

  1. These are awesome! A lot of unique names, did you make them up? I love them! I’m absolutely obsessed with names, I have many notebooks full. Naming characters is one of my favorite things about writing.

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