Nonsense Book Snippet

Because I almost forgot about it.

This writing exercise was to describe a character from their surroundings while they are absent. The character was a senior in high school, about to flunk out.

Sara grinned unemotionally as she knocked on Kyle’s bedroom door. A very nice stolen street sign hung on a nail in the  middle of the door. It read ‘Dead End’.

Sara knew her boyfriend wasn’t home but she knocked out of habit before opening the door and letting herself in. 

As she expected, the blinds were closed, shutting out most of the sunlight. His bed wasn’t made, his bass was propped up against the wall, covered in dust, one string broken. His backpack was dropped right in the middle of the floor, the zippers open, half a dozen school books scattered around it.

A dart board hung beside the door so he could pretend to throw darts at people when they entered his room. Two huge posters covered one wall; both of Sara and Kyle.

A note lay on the pillow. Sara picked it up and read it. ‘Sara, meet me after school on Friday. I need to talk to you. –Kyle.’

November 30, 2011.


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