The time has come to publicly unveil one of my projects-in-brainstorming. I believe I’ve mentioned or eluded to it once or twice, but now yall will have the FULL dump of everything.

But first, look at the awesome new, thick, huge ten dollar notebook I bought for it.


Look at it.

Epic hugeness. See the thickness?


Four. Hundred. Pages. I wuvs it. It are beautifuls.

Okay, so now that yall are clambering through your computer screens and begging me to shut up about the notebook and tell you about the project…

But isn’t that notebook just beautiful?

OKAY, OKAY, I’ll shut up about the notebook. Ish a ten dollar notebook for a ten dollar project(I love calling it a ten dollar project XD). I present to you… *epically dramatic background music*


Hotel City was very firstly inspired by a comment Mirriam Neal made when we met for breakfast in June. She was telling me about a hotel she’d gone to that was so huge and gigantic, the whole bottom floor was like a miniature town itself with shops, venders, restaurants, etc. I filled away this info and it grew and blossomed on it’s own until I realized I had this massive plot lurking around the edges of my consciousness.

Hotel City is set in the 2030s and based largely off Agenda 21(go look it up). Due to some environmental crisis and poisonous fumes in the air, no one can live outside and therefore towns and cities have because huge, giant buildings that resemble hotels, and are completely self sustained.

The bottom two floors are made up of stores, shops, schools, parks, gardens, etc. The next hundred+ floors are laid out exactly like modern day hotels, with hallways and elevators, except each ‘room’ is a house.

All citizens are free to do anything they like within each City(except, of course, go outside). Security cameras are everywhere except in the houses, and there is very little crime because everywhere you go you need to show I.D. and there’s no place to hide because of all the cameras.

Every City has one hospital, one college, one theater, one or two schools depending on the size of the City, one library, etc. Citizens are allowed to have whatever job they want, study whatever major they want, and so on. Within the Cities, the government doesn’t babysit the people a whole lot and lets them do their own thing.

Every person has a record of everything they’ve done since the day they were born. It has their school records, medical, insurance, job, and behavior records all quickly accessible to the government. Citizens can ask to see certain parts of their record(medical and school, usually), but they aren’t allowed to ever see the whole thing, and rarely make edits.

Citizens can travel from one City to the next via some sort of highly advanced train//tramway thingy and when a new City is built, people can volunteer to move into the new City.

Citizens can apply to work as City Staff, which takes care of garbage, mail, news, cleaning, deliveries, etc. as well as can access people’s computer records. But to be accepted as City Staff, you can’t have anything bad on your record, even something as small as cheating in school.

So… that’s kind of my foundation for the whole book. I have a couple specific plots ideas and I’m not sure which one I’ll decide on. I’m letting this project go at it’s own pace because I’m planning to finish Wanderlust and Dementophobia before starting on it, and also possibly Goth Girl.

As for charries, I only have three definite ones so far and I don’t know them very well yet. They are Flo, Trinity, and Austin.

I hope you enjoyed this, I know I will enjoy writing it and I can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “Unveiling

  1. Wow, that sounds awesome for a story! Hope it goes well and you are able to fill up that wonderfully beautiful book! :D

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