I present to you… THIS.

Y’all have heard so much about my beloved Nonesense Book, I decided to start another monthly! Once a month I will post a Nonsense Book snippet!

My Nonesense Book is full of book ideas, writing exercises, story intros, and unfinished short stories. A lot of blog posts I subscribe to I copy down into my Nonesense Book if I want to remember them (writing tips, writer’s block tips, creativity prompts, etc.). If I remember where I got the lists and prompts, I will credit them, but if I didn’t write it down, I will simply say I got it from a blog and it’s not mine.

Without further ado! (Or adon’t… XD) The first snippet will be from a writing exercise from the book What If? I can’t exactly recommend this book… I was a little disappointed at some of the content(bad words… like read bad words, and exercises that I didn’t do because I didn’t want to write about certain content), but aside from that, I did enjoy the book.

SO. This exercise had me write pairs of sentences that were opposites. The first was…

A birth and death:

Blanch was no longer an only child.

On this day, 141 years ago, a great man departed from this world.

Falling in love and filing for divorce:

(both) I never thought this could//would happen to me.

What is one to think when one is so infatuated with another and the other is as greatly infatuated with the one as the one is with the other?

The word ‘file’ has many different meanings.

Spring and fall:

(Both) I love this weather.

There is only one word the author can think of that can perfectly describe the feeling one gets when one hears the birds singing and sees the new buds break forth on the trees and feels the fresh grass sprouting underfoot: Glorious.

Debby liked being cold, just not this cold.

And there you have it! Your very first Nonesense Book snippet. I hope you enjoyed it, and will also enjoy the ones to come.


2 thoughts on “I present to you… THIS.

    1. Sure, steal ’em all you want, that’s why I’m posting them!

      AHEM! On the front of my Nonesense Book, it reads:

      “Lisa Susanne Canfield’s ‘Nonesense Book’ of Random nonesense,

      Begun on June 29(or 27. Maybe 28. Somewhere around then) 2011.”

      (I only just now added the ‘e’s because before it was ‘nonsense’ but ish ‘Nonesense’ now XD)

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