Church Camp in LA

Okay, first of all, I owe y’all an apology for being absent during all this upheaval and business. Yeah, yeah, I was busy and so forth, but I’ve been neglecting all of you and when you subscribed to my blog, I know being neglected was not what you wanted to sign up for.

SO. Anyway, I am terribly sorry for that and I have a lot of posts I’ve been MEANING to type up… I’ve just been too lazy. There is it. The bold cold truth. I am not a lazy person and all this laziness drives me nuts. So it won’t happen again. At least not due to laziness.

ENOUGH OF THAT! Onto what this post is actually about: Church camp! The first real camp I’ve ever been to. IT WAS PEIC(to borrow a Mirriam-ism)!!!! I had so much fun.


Southland Christian Camp in Ringold LA.

I don’t really know where to start, so I’ll just start blabbering. First off, DUDE THEY HAVE BIRD SIZED FLIES DOWN THERE!!! That was so creepy and disgusting. Bro. Morris Gliesser(Gleisser?) was the speaker. I’d never heard him before, but he was really good. My counselor, Miss Hannah, WAS THE BEST EVAHHH!!!!! See, picture.

IMG_5496 Isn’t she awesome looking person? Cuz she is XDD And then, a whole cabin pic.

IMG_5492In order from left to right… Megan(from our church), Mikayla(sp?), Allison, Taylor, Miss Hannah, Hannah(from our church), ME, and Jessika.

Random pictures from around the camp. It was gorgeous with a lake and fountains and a bridge and stuffs.



IMG_5474There was a rock wall, pool, and zip-line too, but I didn’t get pictures of those. The zip-line was sooooooooo awesommmmmmmeee… I wuved it XD

Oh, and during the whole week at camp I had a book plot attack me… but I’m just mean enough to tell you that a nothing more XD You’ll find out about it soon though, don’t worry ^^ I can never withhold my new brain-kids from anyone for very long. I love them too much and want everyone else to know about them.

I’m sorry for the vagueness and ramblingness of this post, but I hope you enjoyed it at least a little bit. More posts WILL be coming soon! I promise! (And y’all have permission and encouragement to bug, pester, insist, and demand for them if I start slacking.)

In the mean time… I believe I shall take a nap with my cat XD


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